Parenting and Cupcakes

You know when you are trying to be a really good parent? And buy these cupcakes for your kid but they still find something to cry about? And all you want to do is say to them: LOOK! You're holding a cupcake! It was $3! And also I took you to the park! You're having the best life ever! Stop crying!

But then you realize your kid so tired and nothing will make them happy? SO you eat their cupcake? Because they don't even care anymore!

That's what happened to me Wednesday night. Thanks for the cupcake Oscar. Sorry I pushed you to your limit and you didn't even get to enjoy your treat. Because it was realllllly good.


  1. A friend of mine (cough) decided to share the bliss of McDonald's apple pies with her children.

    They whined from the back seat and said they were gross.

    My friend (cough) threw the pies out the window she was so mad. Some kids just don't understand...

  2. aww, poor oscar. On another note though, these pictures are giving me flashbacks of my trip to NYC this summer and I am seriously craving a Magnolia cupcake right now, they are delicious!

  3. This reminds me of a story..it's a little different then Oscar's story....but it's a story none the less:)I promised my kiddos an ice-cream cone if they were good at the beach.I was with a few old/new friends and I wanted my kiddos to be on their best behavior.Well, they were both complete turds (whinning & complaining &...probably tired). Out of frustration I said, "Now you both are NOT getting ice-cream cones for your behavior at the beach!". Secretly..I REALLY wanted an ice-cream cone....so....I went to the ice-cream shop and bought myself an ice-cream cone and made them watch me eat it:) I told them that I was well-behaved at the beach and I deserved one:) It was the best sugar free,non fat,chocolate ice-cream cone I have ever had. My kiddos were mad but I don't think they will ever forget it:)The ice-cream shop owner thought I was "Mother of the Year" for proving a point to my kids.
    p.s. They were very good the next time we went to the beach:)lol

  4. hahaha. love that the image of you throwing pies out the window. hilarious!

  5. yes, magnolia's is really good. i put my nose up to it for a year because i thought it was too touristy. But then I went in and I found out what I had been missing. The store is adorable. :)


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