Occupy Wall Street

I'm not quit sure where this protest is headed and it's too soon to tell if it will have any lasting impact. I accidentally got caught up in one of their marches when they walked down to Times Square a couple weeks ago. I will say that I felt an undeniable energy. I'm excited to see where it will head and how the history books will explain it. I wish there was a more concrete thing the protesters are after. Let's hope more change is coming!

Did anyone see the cover of the New Yorker? So funny!

What are your thoughts on the Occupy Wall Street protest? Do you think it will lead to change?


  1. I agree entirely. Look at the history of the Tea Party and its current presence.

  2. Time will tell. But I wouldn't fall for that now-familiar, "but they aren't clear" or "they should make a list of what they want." I've heard/read some excellent refutations of this. But mainly, it's up to policy makers to do something. What they are protesting is crystal clear. The New Yorker cover made me lol, too, when I opened the mail box.



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