Obligatory Celebrity Sighting Post: P!nk

I hope you all had a good weekend! Here's my obligatory celebrity sighting post: I saw P!nk walking down the street with her family in Tribeca on Saturday. She looked so soft and friendly. YET I still broke one of my own cardinal rules of celebrity sightings.

I looked at her as she passed me, POINTED right at her face and said, "Hey, that's Pink!" Rude! I clearly have a lot to learn and only time will tell if I will ever stop looking like a tourist. In case you missed it, my friend Joanna from Cup of Jo included some of my tips on how to not look like tourist in NYC on her blog last week. Find it here. Out of the ten tips, how many have I failed to do? ALL of them. Especially #1. Hopefully, you'll do better since you've been warned. It's hard though!

Have you ever acted like a total idiot in font of a celebrity?


  1. i did the EXACT same thing when i saw bill murray in san francisco! standing right in front of him, 4 feet away i pointed at his face and shouted "BILL MURRAY!!!" like he didn't know who he was.... he looked at me like i was a crazy girl and didn't say anything. totally embarrassing! x

  2. the only thing i can think of...is when i went to my favourite band, The Cranberries concert. I handed her a sign that said 'happy mother's day dolores'... she took it from me, smiled huge and showed the whole concert my sign and then leaned it up against the drum set! She came back to me and in her most adorable Irish accent she said "tank you sweety". Instead of being cool i was jumping up and down screaming I LOVE YOU over and over again like a 52 year old man who has smoked for 37 of those years :/

  3. I've lived here for 8 years and I still have not learned this rule! And it seems every time it happens I say the person's name out loud and look directly at them. Or, even worse, I'll describe the person I'm seeing, somewhat loudly, while trying to remember their name with someone I'm on the phone with: "oooh you know who that is? I can't remember her name. She was in Entourage. No, not that one, the one who was Vince's agent for a little while...Carla something." So embarrassing!

  4. I have a huge mouth. This would totally happen to me. I LOVE how honestly you blog! It's amazing. God I wish I lived in NY... ha. Pink is so gorgeous isnt she! She is one of my favorite singers. SO much raw talent.

  5. i've never seen a celebrity. i'd probably just turn pink and try not to stare. :)

  6. I saw SJP once in NYC and, being a star-struck 17 year old, I walked right up to her, told her she was "so much smaller in person!"

    :X Embarassing


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