NYC Night Life: Kaskade

It's apparent that I am very much seeing the daytime version of NYC. Almost all my pictures are naturally lit. It's the way it is when you have three kids! At least for me.

So that's why last Saturday when my friend Naomi asked if I wanted to see her husband Kaskade preform, I showed up at 9pm on the dot. Ha! You know, because that's when the venue's website said his show started. I walked in the backdoor, got an all access wrist band, and walked up stairs to the VIP section.  And to my surprise, the entire place was empty! I waited a few minutes for my two friends Hailey and Louise because they were running late. Truth be told, I went ahead of them because I didn't want to miss any of his set. haha! My friends came seconds later and the opening DJ's started playing. And we danced the best way we knew how with all the other 15 first arrivals.

I texted Naomi that I was there and she responded, "Oh no! He doesn't go on until 1am. I'm so sorry! I thought you knew!" So that was the beginning of my first true night out in NYC. I stayed from 9pm-3am!! Since I never drink Red Bulls, all it took was one Red Bull and a Rockstar to give me all the energy I needed.  I kept wondering why I wasn't tired.

Then after my friends and I danced for a while, it was kind of thrilling to take advantage of our all access pass. We could literally could go anywhere we wanted! A special table, ours. The special side stage, ours. Take a glimpse backstage, why not? That never happens to me! I was trying to play it cool, but I know I know I know I had the biggest grin every time I passed a security check point and they waved us by.

Then finally it was 1am. Wow. Kaskade started! Have you ever been to something like this? Even if it's out of your usual favorite genre of music, I highly recommend that you see him. It's a classic example of someone who's so talented, creating something really special.  His energy and the type of crowd he attracted were my favorite things about the show. And huge green lasers! Loved those lasers. And the balloons. The dancing girls in the sky contraption! I loved that people in the audience were there to dance. A lot of them had sneakers and were dressed cool. I'm not so naive as to think they were perfect human beings, but when I looked down at the crowd, it was a healthy looking group of people out for a good time.  I still can't get his new song Eyes out of my head. Hearing it live was something else.

I know Naomi and Ryan from our days in San Francisco. They are really nice, down to earth and spectacular all at the same time. You know what's the coolest thing about them? That's exactly how the show felt. To put on a show to that level and keep it so true to their personality is genius.

What a night.  I know I've thanked you to death already Naomi, but here it is again. Thanks You!!

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  1. Thank YOU, Sharon! And I don't know Naomi, but I thank her, too! I loved breezing by security--such a natural high! ;)

  2. So jealous!! :) I love that song too.

  3. the next time he has a show, let's go together!! fly out, it's worth it!!!

  4. Umm... YES!! You just made my day.

  5. i heart kaskade ... how funny that you are friends with them? sounds like a great night!

  6. Kaskade is huge! Love his music. How cool you were able to see that show VIPstyle :)


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