Job Update: I'm a Babble Writer

Today I posted my first article on Babble's new Kid Scoop Blog! I'm so excited to join the Babble team and write daily for the website. Babble is an award winning online magazine. Time recently named it one of the Top 50 websites of 2010.

Here's my plan: Every morning I'll post something original for my blog and in the afternoon I'll do another post here that tells you about the article I wrote for Babble. Much like what I'm doing below.  I'm going to attempt to be a double blogger. Sharon Beesley, Double Blogger. I'll put that on my resume AND my business cards. As soon as I get business cards.

Here's what I wrote about today on Babble: 

Last week I was in Central Park with my kids and I rediscovered the easiest way to foster imagination. It requires no clean up and it's relaxing for me! My kids love the slideshow I made for article. I hope you do too! Click here to read it!


  1. Ahh! You're working my dream job! So exciting!

  2. Congratulations! That's so exciting! So happy for you! And a fee more ->!!!!

  3. so proud of you babe!


  4. congrats! love all of the babble blogs.

  5. congrats! love all of the babble blogs.

  6. congrats! love all of the babble blogs.

  7. oh, wow, congrats! i've been trying to be a double blogger for a while now. maybe someday i'll get there. :)


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