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I started seriously blogging once my kids where ages three and up. Which is good because I wasn't tempted to write breast feeding/potty training/naptime schedule rants for all the world to see. But at the same time, sad because I didn't get to write breast feeding/potty training/naptime schedule rants for all the world to see. I suspect it would have been a good writing exercise for me. Before NYC Taught Me, I had a tiny blog that my close friends and family read. Honestly, I didn't have the brain power to write thoughtful posts during those years. To the women that blog with newborns: High five. Like this one. She must be brilliant to write essays during the first year of twins. Yikes! During my first year with twins, I was able to squeeze out a lot of one-liner blog entries, take a couple of sloppy pictures of my kids, and write a few emails to my family. My sister found this old email and sent it back to me last night. It made happy to be reminded about my life at that time. Enjoy!

Hi Family!

Just wanted to send an update on our family.

Thanks to the help of family and friends I promise the first month with the
boys wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it was going to be. I think I
have done the laundry only once and the dishes a few times (thanks Fran and
Patty!) So far, adjusting to life with 3 kids has been far easier then when
we were adjusting to life with our first one. The boys have slept a lot and
haven't cried for longer than one minute. I know I know, things could and
will change. The will wake up one of these days. Hopefully they will be just
a calm as they have been. Cross your fingers, wish on a star, and of course
pray to help these boys stay mellow!

Hope things are going well with you all. Love you,

10 points to whoever can tell who's who in the picture.
What about you? When did you decide to start blogging? Do you blog for family or fame? haha

Oh here's the picture the email was talking about. You all can win ten points because I don't know who's who. And another thing: See what a difference owning a Canon Rebel t2i makes? I don't know what I was using in this picture, but it was most likely a small point and shoot. Almost makes me want to have another kid just so I could document their life all fancy and pretty with my new camera. ha very funny.


  1. I definitely think its Oscar on the left, Owen on the right.

  2. Aw, thanks! I love your blog.
    And I think I ignore my children a little (sometimes a lot...) to write on my blog. It's my own form of therapy.

    And it's amazing how much your kids look like themselves! It makes me excited to see what my kids look like in three years!

  3. Hmm, this is Becky from Babymaking. I don't know why it's showing my maiden name and not linking to my blog...

  4. I started my blog soon after my daughter was born and in these few months blogging has opened the world to me. I'm living in Latvia (Europe) and in my country new mothers can stay a whole year at home. I was sure that I will do this but I also wanted to use my "free time" to learn something new (besides being a mom, of course), for most of all - to improve my writing skills, English and to learn Photoshop. I am at the very beginning of blogging, but I'm very excited about it. Am I writing for my friends or to become fame? - I think both:)) because I would like to inspire others with my museum's and art exhibition's adventures. My baby girl (4 months) is a calm child and allows me to do my things while she is sleeping. But this could change soon as she becomes more active..

  5. I began blogging as a creative outlet. I have a good job, but I don't love it and it's not something I'm passionate about it. I would say that I began blogging more for myself than anyone else, but I do love when I see that people have stopped by to say hello, or when my daily page views increase. But who doesn't feel that? ;)

  6. Gyða GunnarsdóttirMarch 30, 2012 at 6:27 PM

    I blog for my friends and family in Iceland, I started blogging 2006 but stopped when I had my third baby three years ago, but I started again because this is our last year in Vermont before moving to Tampa , FLorida for 2 years.
    Love your little e mail.
    Wow how cute are your boys ;)

  7. we bought a really fancy dancy cannon camera with all the lenses and bells and whistles 3 days before our first son was born. in the first year we had taken... wait for it..... 14,000 images! in between breast feeding and trying to get some sleep i was doing some serious photo editing. (also, i blog to illustrate and do fun things in london with the fam) :) x


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