A Few Completely Unrelated Things I'm Excited About:

1. The New Parents Expo! I've been interning at New York Family magazine and helping get this event ready. It's going to be AWESOME! I'm most excited about Dr. Harvey Karp speaking, the stroller test track, and free buggy tune-ups. Are you a new or expedient parent? I would love to see you there. Click here to buy tickets. :)

2. My friend Jed's movie Shale. It's already been given the HBO Films Young Producers Development Award and the Panavision New Filmmaker Award. The idea was inspired by a gravel pit he grew up next to and his own musings about relationships. And I love this: I asked him if it had any funny parts. He responded: It is completely drama, no funny parts. I can't wait to see it! I'm one of his backers. Oh yeeeah. Click here to be one too!

3. My first sponsor: 1800specs!  These glasses are my favorite. Amazing prescription lenses at a great price! You'll be shocked.



  1. Wow, that sounds like my story. I'll probably bawl my eyes out, but it looks like a good film.


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