Dearest Suzy,

Yesterday you told me that you read my blog in the morning with a cup of coffee. For completely vain reasons, I love that image. Ha! It's so thoughtful and makes me feel like I'm apart of someone's day. Wow, I'm tired. Stay with me. Before I went to bed, I realized I didn't have a post scheduled for tomorrow morning. All I got is a ton of my Babble links! Hmmm. That won't do. A Pretty picture? A story about my kids? Good news? There has to be something! Oh yes!  I almost forgot that Butter Lane Cupcakes has named me their blogger of the week! So silly, right? But I'll take it! I didn't even have a speech prepared! Thanks Butter Lane!

Hope you have a good day and thanks for reading!


  1. ha and here i am, yet another morning at school with my coffee and scone and my weird mom blog obsession (i'm a 25 yr old student/nanny with no kids. i know, it's weird that i love these blogs. i may have fantasist issues...)

    thanks again for not taking my comments the wrong way yesterday :n )

  2. Gyða GunnarsdóttirMarch 30, 2012 at 6:28 PM

    Ha ha you are also my favorite blog to read in the morning. I read your blog after I drive my kids to school, and go for a run. The best thing about running is thinking,, when i come home I make myself a Coffee Latte and read your blog.
    Have Happy Weekend Sharon.

  3. I seriously have the same obsession Suzy! I'm 17, which is even more scary. My favorite thing after a day at school is to read blogs and dream/make plans for the future. I'm also a nanny, after school/summer/weekends, so I'm exposed to kids constantly. Sharon, I love your blog, you are an amazing mom, so clever and creative. Keep being great!


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