Babble Post: Food! Glorious Organic Food!

There's so many opinions on food these days. Organic! Farm Fresh! In Season! I try my best to feed my kids quality food, but I'm not perfect. See the foods I've decided to keep out of my kitchen and the ones I shamelessly let in.

Read the it here and tell me your thoughts :)

Oh and Happy Halloween! I consider myself a good parent and mildly creative, but for some reason I get a big F for Halloween. Read about the 2 basic things I skipped out of last year. I wrote the article five days ago. I'll keep you posted if I'm doing any better this year!


  1. Gaby [The Vault Files]March 30, 2012 at 6:29 PM

    There is such a lack of veggies and fruits in the Island I'm living (imagine living on a Survivor Island, well that's me right now, no jokes!) So, yesterday, I found strawberries tarts at the "bakery" and guess what? I bought two of them to feed my kid some strawberries because I know they are one of his favorite fruits. The cream and the base? I tossed them out!

  2. I just wanted to say that your kids are absolutely beautiful. Though I'm sure that you already know that.


  3. For pasta, I'm totally won-over by the Barilla PLUS, which is not whole wheat, but a mixed grain pasta:
    http://www.barillaus.com/Pages/Product-Landing.aspx?brandID=5. It is delicious, especially when boiled in broth instead of water!

  4. We do all organic PLUS vegetarian PLUS gluten-free PLUS {mostly} dairy-free. Yeah, we're SO popular at family gatherings...


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