Bye Bye Baby Items

You know how I could tell I was done having kids? I was thrilled when my twin boys out grew their baby items. Too big for onsies? Awesome. Bag 'em up and pass them along to someone else. Bottles, Bibs, Binkies. Gone, Gone, Gone. But there was one baby item I couldn't resist using daily. It's taken me four years to stop using . . .
my double stroller.

Here’s 5 reasons why I kept using it:
1. I live in Manhattan without a car. My stroller = my minivan.
2. I cottle my kids. Just a little!
3. I wanted to have sculpted arms.
4. I didn’t want to hear the kids complaining constantly, “I’m tired! My legs hurt!” and predictably, “Are we there yet?”.
5. I liked being in charge of the pace and I liked that the stroller kept my kids in one place. My twin boys and daughter running in every direction on a crowded sidewalk? No thank you.

All these reasons combined, I kept using this stroller. Until it completely broke down on my way to pick up my daughter from school. I remember the phone conversation I had with my husband that day. I was about to purchase a new double stroller and he was confused. “Really? A new stroller,” he said, “But the boys are THREE years old!” I insisted and bought it. Even splurged on over night shipping. The next day it was once again me, my kids, my stroller, and a city to discover!

It was a slow transition for me to stop using the stroller. At first, I started bringing their kick scooters on each trip. I was seeing how long they could last before they got tired. When they did, the stroller was there just in case.

For example, just walking to school everyday is 1.2 miles round trip. That doesn’t include last minute trips to the grocery store. It adds up. Eventually, I stopped bringing the stroller altogether. I can’t remember the last time I used it. Horray! I’m thrilled that I’m finally done with baby items. Bring on the next phase of my life.

What was the last baby item you got rid of?


  1. :) i'm with you! i only have two (i don't know how you do it with 3, let alone twins!! hello super mum!) but i am done! i am giving away anything and everything 'baby stuff'. friends come over for a play date and they leave with a bag of baby clothes! x

  2. Congratulations on your Babble blog! I am also heavily attached to my stroller, I fear the day I won't have an excuse to roll it around carrying all my groceries, jackets and bags on top!


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