Babble Post: 15 Creepy Foods That Will Make Your Kids Shriek!

Have you played the mad scientist game? Classic example: You have kids blindly put their hands into bowl of olives and a mad scientist tells them it's eyeballs. That sort of thing. My husband is in charge of putting on this game on Saturday. We thought of 15 foods (read here), but we need at least 20! Help me fill in the gaps! I don't have a tongue, fingers, bones, a heart, or a nose! What could I use? I'll give you credit of course!

Check out the article here. 

But I'm not done yet! I'm a little behind in my Babble posts for the month. I'll be playing catch up this weekend. Got any topics you want me write about? I'm taking requests! It can be anything parenting or kid related.  I'll link back if I use your idea :)


  1. The tongue, heart and nose can be carved individually out of one cantaloupe melon. The fingers can be Lady Finger Cookies and the bones can be long stick pretzels. D

  2. halved non-salted peanuts or unpopped popcorn-teeth,wrap jello in saran wrap & spread vaseline over the outside-internal organs,mushrooms or peeled grapes-eyeballs,carrots-bones,oatmeal-nails,cabbage leaves-skin pieces,large peeled tomato or a fist size skinless orange-heart,bbq sauce-blood,jello/spagetti/cauliflower-brain,2 big slices of watermelon-lung,small sausages-fingers or toes,long uncooked sausage-intestines:)

  3. Blog idea:Funny/cute things kids say segment...spinoff from "Kids Say the Darndest Things"(classic show from the 1950's). The way Art Linkletter interviewed kids was very comical:) You can find old footage on YouTube:) I thought you could somehow do a spinoff on this and have parents submit some of the funny things kids say:) My little man has said a bookful:)lol

  4. Blog idea:Ways to respond to rude people giving their two cents while your kid has a complete meltdown and you are at your breaking point:)

  5. Blog idea: Cute/inexpensive/personal Christmas gift ideas for kids' teachers,friends,& relatives:)
    Blog idea:Creative ways to help picky eaters eat healthy:)
    Blog idea:Healthy,yummy alternatives to eating candy on Halloween, new/creative Family Halloween/Fall Traditions

  6. I used to use a canned whole tomato for the heart and peeled grapes for the eyeballs.

  7. If you poke a half cut tomato with your finger without seeing it, while someone says "and here is where the eyes used to be", it is pretty spooky! There was part of a game I used to play as kids.
    Blog ideas: would love to know the differences about raising kids in San Francisco versus NYC and if your kids like it in NYC.

  8. LOVE these, Christine! I didn't see who it was from at first and thought these were almost tooo good (too gross) especially the skinless orange for the heart, popcorn teeth and vaseline. Perfect!

  9. Idea 1: Birth order personalities. Does one twin act like the middle and the other the baby or are they both like the baby? You can also ask people if they "fit" their birth order personality as well.
    Idea 2: Have you ever had a bully for a boss or co-worker?
    Idea 3: What is your most embarrassing moment? What did you learn from it?
    Idea 4: Misconceptions about living in New York. Invite others to talk about misconceptions about where they live.
    Idea 5: Worst picture you've ever had taken of you contest.
    Idea 6: Best/Worst kid shows or movies


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