Babble Post: Food! Glorious Organic Food!

There's so many opinions on food these days. Organic! Farm Fresh! In Season! I try my best to feed my kids quality food, but I'm not perfect. See the foods I've decided to keep out of my kitchen and the ones I shamelessly let in.

Read the it here and tell me your thoughts :)

Oh and Happy Halloween! I consider myself a good parent and mildly creative, but for some reason I get a big F for Halloween. Read about the 2 basic things I skipped out of last year. I wrote the article five days ago. I'll keep you posted if I'm doing any better this year!

NYC Night Life: Kaskade

It's apparent that I am very much seeing the daytime version of NYC. Almost all my pictures are naturally lit. It's the way it is when you have three kids! At least for me.

So that's why last Saturday when my friend Naomi asked if I wanted to see her husband Kaskade preform, I showed up at 9pm on the dot. Ha! You know, because that's when the venue's website said his show started. I walked in the backdoor, got an all access wrist band, and walked up stairs to the VIP section.  And to my surprise, the entire place was empty! I waited a few minutes for my two friends Hailey and Louise because they were running late. Truth be told, I went ahead of them because I didn't want to miss any of his set. haha! My friends came seconds later and the opening DJ's started playing. And we danced the best way we knew how with all the other 15 first arrivals.

I texted Naomi that I was there and she responded, "Oh no! He doesn't go on until 1am. I'm so sorry! I thought you knew!" So that was the beginning of my first true night out in NYC. I stayed from 9pm-3am!! Since I never drink Red Bulls, all it took was one Red Bull and a Rockstar to give me all the energy I needed.  I kept wondering why I wasn't tired.

Then after my friends and I danced for a while, it was kind of thrilling to take advantage of our all access pass. We could literally could go anywhere we wanted! A special table, ours. The special side stage, ours. Take a glimpse backstage, why not? That never happens to me! I was trying to play it cool, but I know I know I know I had the biggest grin every time I passed a security check point and they waved us by.

Then finally it was 1am. Wow. Kaskade started! Have you ever been to something like this? Even if it's out of your usual favorite genre of music, I highly recommend that you see him. It's a classic example of someone who's so talented, creating something really special.  His energy and the type of crowd he attracted were my favorite things about the show. And huge green lasers! Loved those lasers. And the balloons. The dancing girls in the sky contraption! I loved that people in the audience were there to dance. A lot of them had sneakers and were dressed cool. I'm not so naive as to think they were perfect human beings, but when I looked down at the crowd, it was a healthy looking group of people out for a good time.  I still can't get his new song Eyes out of my head. Hearing it live was something else.

I know Naomi and Ryan from our days in San Francisco. They are really nice, down to earth and spectacular all at the same time. You know what's the coolest thing about them? That's exactly how the show felt. To put on a show to that level and keep it so true to their personality is genius.

What a night.  I know I've thanked you to death already Naomi, but here it is again. Thanks You!!

PS Here's My Babble Posts! I did it! My first month at Babble wraps up with these posts:

What Happens in a NYC Starbucks. . .

5 Ways the iPhone is the New Chicken Soup

Do they deserve a second chance?

Holy Cow! (literally)

Stay-at-home moms. Working moms. Work-from-home mom. Who has it the easiest?


Babble Post: 15 Creepy Foods That Will Make Your Kids Shriek!

Have you played the mad scientist game? Classic example: You have kids blindly put their hands into bowl of olives and a mad scientist tells them it's eyeballs. That sort of thing. My husband is in charge of putting on this game on Saturday. We thought of 15 foods (read here), but we need at least 20! Help me fill in the gaps! I don't have a tongue, fingers, bones, a heart, or a nose! What could I use? I'll give you credit of course!

Check out the article here. 

But I'm not done yet! I'm a little behind in my Babble posts for the month. I'll be playing catch up this weekend. Got any topics you want me write about? I'm taking requests! It can be anything parenting or kid related.  I'll link back if I use your idea :)

Dearest Suzy,

Yesterday you told me that you read my blog in the morning with a cup of coffee. For completely vain reasons, I love that image. Ha! It's so thoughtful and makes me feel like I'm apart of someone's day. Wow, I'm tired. Stay with me. Before I went to bed, I realized I didn't have a post scheduled for tomorrow morning. All I got is a ton of my Babble links! Hmmm. That won't do. A Pretty picture? A story about my kids? Good news? There has to be something! Oh yes!  I almost forgot that Butter Lane Cupcakes has named me their blogger of the week! So silly, right? But I'll take it! I didn't even have a speech prepared! Thanks Butter Lane!

Hope you have a good day and thanks for reading!


Babble Post: 3 Kids 1 Room: Your Thoughts on Room Sharing

Remember when I wrote this? And I asked you questions about siblings sharing a room for an upcoming Babble post? Thanks so much for all your help! I finally published it today! If I left out a link to your blog, please tell me so I can fix it asap.

Read the article here.

New Orleans Wedding

Congratulations Whitney and Nick!


Babble Post: Beyond Dan Zanes, My Top 10 Folksy Kids Albums

Around the age of two and a half, my kids started singing along to the chorus of every Black Eyed Peas song that was playing on the radio. I didn't even think they were listening! It was then that I started questioning my music choices. I wanted my kids to be singing sweet folk songs with lyrics like, "Home, Home on the Range!" not "Shi!%in' on y'all you with the boom boom!" Check out how I made up for years of Black Eyed Peas indoctrination on Babble today! 

What is your favorite children's album?

Occupy Wall Street

I'm not quit sure where this protest is headed and it's too soon to tell if it will have any lasting impact. I accidentally got caught up in one of their marches when they walked down to Times Square a couple weeks ago. I will say that I felt an undeniable energy. I'm excited to see where it will head and how the history books will explain it. I wish there was a more concrete thing the protesters are after. Let's hope more change is coming!

Did anyone see the cover of the New Yorker? So funny!

What are your thoughts on the Occupy Wall Street protest? Do you think it will lead to change?


Babble Post: 5 Tips for Taking a Vacation Without Kids

Do you take vacations without your kids? I do! Most of our vacations last only two nights because of work schedules. We'll take what we can get!
Today on Babble I tell how we escaped to New Orleans last weekend! I also include some of the places my husband and I have gone together in the past. Sometimes we stayed in a hotel close to home, sometimes we flew across the country. One day (I hope!) we'll take a quick sail together across the world! 


The Secret Life of Sharon Bees

Where have I been? Hiding in New Orleans with my husband Rob. Here's the post I wrote last Friday that explains everything. I wrote it while Rob was on a swamp tour with his buddies. Why I didn't hit "Publish Post" is a mystery to me.

I forgot my bulky amazing camera. How is that even possible after writing this post yesterday?! It's at home in NYC, sitting on my dresser.  I realized this after I checked in at the airport yesterday. I've been going crazy without it. I'm not a photographer by any means but it's become fun hobby for me. I love to be in a place and capture it and put it on my blog. Those three things bring me so much joy! As I was packing, I must have forgotten about my blog. That never happens! How am I going to feel validation for my life now that I can't take good pictures of it?! haha joking! sort of. wait. i would neeever think that.

Rob and I have been in New Orleans for 24 hours. The kids are at home in NYC. Grandpa and grandma have replaced us. As far as my kids are concerned, they have traded up. I think they might be right.

We've done so many things since we flew into New Orleans. I instantly fell in love with it. The same way I did the first time I visited San Francisco. I've already had one of the best meals of my life. I've had some of the best costumer service. I love it all, especially the people.

I know if I would have brought my camera, I would have gotten back into my own world of taking pictures. I never realized that's why I love it so much. I love to escape and be alone! It's the same reason why I'm attracted to running.  I never like to run with friends. I've tried, but I prefer to go alone and at my own pace. Writing has the same affect on me. It instantly makes me disappear behind the glowing screen of my laptop. I don't even hear my kids fighting. It's great!

With photography, running, and writing, I disappear for awhile and become a fly on the wall that is sometimes holding a very bulky camera. But when I do these things, I'm not really interacting with the people around me, because then I would ruin the moment. I like to take pictures of my family playing and discovering, not posing.

So this weekend, I'm going to be with Rob and good friends. I'm going to try not to make anyone into writing material. I'm going to try not to even take pictures, even on my iPhone.  (Update: This was a lofty/unrealistic goal. I almost made it. I took less than 15 pictures on my iPhone. I couldn't resist!)

Do you ever leave your camera at home on purpose so that your life just flows? This was by no means a conscience thing, but it's changed the trip that's for sure.


Babble Post: Say Cheese! My Search for the Best Mommy Camera

Here's the first Babble post I've written all week. Eek! I'm so far behind! I hope you like it! Here's a blurb:

What kind of camera do you use when you take pictures of your kids? It's so hard to pick just one! I have four different kinds of cameras and take an average of 500,000 million pictures of my kids a day. Hooray for digital cameras and massive memory cards!

I put together a slideshow of my favorite pictures I've taken of my kids with the four different kinds of cameras I own. You be the judge: What type of camera do you think is best for capturing childhood?

I also explained in detail where and when I use the different types of cameras.

Read the full article here.

The Sun Did Not Shine, It Was Too Wet to Play

A few weeks ago I raced home with my kids from the playground. We were being followed by the biggest rain storm! We make it inside just in time.  I was thrilled! We did it! But my kids were disappointed. So I let them go back out while I took pictures. They danced until they were shivering. No one got sick!

It's going to be rainy day in NYC today. Anyone have plans to sing in the rain? Today's your big chance.


How a Costume Party Changed How I Dress


I went to a costume party on Saturday with some friends. The invitation gave a very specific costume theme: Laurel Canyon, 1977.  For more help they added: hollywood-glam-meets-sensitive-mellow-James Taylor-types-meets-post hippie-Eastern-mystical. Ha! I took some of my own liberties with the theme, and I think the results are pretty good.

Forever 21 supplied me with all my costume needs. It was so liberating to pick out clothes I would normally ignore. In the process, I started wondering why don't I dress like this all the time? I look gooood. For the first time in months I put my hair down and didn't mind the half wavy/half frizzy look that it seems to do naturally. When I got home and showed Rob what I bought, he asked, "Ok, out of all that, what I you actually going to wear again?" Truth be told: I've been wearing this outfit everyday since the party! haha Minus the faux mink coat of course. That will be going back to the store.  Yikes! But. Maybe I'll keep it. Who knows.

Another thing I learned? I was so whatever about buying flare jeans because I assumed I'd never wear them again. I bought those jeans without even trying them on. I figured they were only ten dollars, they looked like my size, and if they they were so bad, I could wear them around the house. I was shocked that when I got home that they fit me so well.  In the past, I've over analyzed jean shopping to death and never found a pair like this.

But where are my pictures? At least a self portrait to prove how good I looked?  I'm missing my chance. Oh well, you'll most likely see me wear this outfit the next time you see me antways.  

I think I've officially entered my 70's phase. Bell bottoms, long hair, low necks. It sort of just works on me. I've been fighting it for too long. My dream of looking like Audrey Hepburn never really was realistic. Remember my dream of looking like Molly Ringwald? When was that? Last month? ha! My style icons are obviously short lived. Today it is: Joni Mitchell.

I'll keep wearing my one 70's outfit until I get tired of it and switch style icons.  Or my outfit shrivels up and turns to dust like all clothes from Forever 21 eventually do. Which ever comes first.

Have you ever gone into a store and tried on something you NEVER would normally pick? And then LIKE it? If you haven't, I think it's worth a try. Go into it thinking: this is a costume this is a costume this is a costume and surprise yourself!

Click on the all the clothes below to get your very own 70's outfit aka my uniform.

Thanks for hosting us Joanna. I had so much fun. :)


How Many People Can Live in A 2 Bedroom Apartment in NYC? 3? 5? 10?

Check out how I found my kids sleeping a few nights ago. They pulled out a mattress and stuck it into our tiny hallway. Cozy? They seem to think so. I had to take a  picture.

We live in a tiny two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. All three of my kids share a bedroom (unless they decide to sleep in a hallway haha). My daughter is 6 and my twin boys are 4 years old. It’s clearly not the perfect living situation, but we’re happy. Every night feels like a slumber party!

I’ve been wondering lately: Is there an age when siblings should stop sharing a room? What’s the deal with siblings of the opposite sex sharing a bedroom? What was your experience with sharing a room growing up?

UPDATE!  Thank you for all your help! Here's some of my favorite responses.  Who do you identify with the most? I’ll start with my favorite comment. Have you ever thought of this?

Lia from Sip Mom writes: I think that there are alternatives for families living in NYC, where the extra bedroom can cost you one thousand dollars more in rent, like loft settings or dividers (apt therapy has lots of ideas). I am sure that if you place the extra one thousand you would spend on a three bedroom, on a savings account towards college for the next 15 years, then you would have 180,000 dollars plus interest to share among your kids. More than 60,000 to each kid. There would be no further complains about sharing a bedroom! 

Lia’s totally right. An extra bedroom would cost us at least an extra $1,000. It’s mind boggling how much we would save. I need to keep this in mind.

I also love Lilac Barries honest response: It’s not like we’re living in tenement houses of a 100 years ago and you have multiple families sharing a single tiny apartment. I think like anything with parenting it’s about making sure your children are happy and healthy and how that looks is different for every family. 

So true! I think once my kids start complaining about space, we’ll pay a visit to the Tenement Museum in the Lower East Side. That’ll show ‘em!

Along the same lines, Noelle from These Mountains Are Mine writes: I know there are issues with gender sharing and number of kids in a room in our culture, but does it really matter? There are families all over the world that share a one room house … not bedroom … house with multiple kids and parents all sleeping in the same room. Aren’t bedrooms/space kind of just a luxury? Granted, I want to keep the genders separate in our household, at least once our kids are past the toddler age…but I wonder if we make it more of an issue than it should be. 

I wonder the same thing! Thanks Noelle for bringing up a good point.

Gaby from The Vault Files writes her experience with sharing a room. Lucky her! She writes: I’m the only girl of 4 siblings and my 3 brothers shared a room until the oldest one was 17! I had my own room from the very beginning! I always thought that rooms should be only shared among kids of the same gender but I guess sometimes there is no choice and you have to put them together. 

Like Gaby, reader LibbyK had a similar experience with one person always getting a single room. Her response cracked me up: I come from a biiiig family. At one time we lived in a tiny house and the room situation went like this-Mom/Dad/infant sister in one room. Me/my older sister in one tiny room. Two brothers in a bunk bed in the basement family room(!). My older brother had his own room. And it was the biggest room. Somehow he’s always finagled the best rooming situation in the family whilst the rest of us are stacked/crammed/smooshed into tinsy rooms.

I wonder what LibbyK’s older brother grew up to be? His negotiation skills must be top notch!

Leave it Becky from Baby Making to talk about the elephant in the room: PUBERTY. I love her blog — I can always count on her to write funny and honest posts. Her comment is in true Becky style: I think that boys and girls should split up around the same time that they start talking about boy/girl differences in school – around when puberty starts to hit. Before then, it’s not really inappropriate for boys and girls to change in front of each other, but if boys start getting morning wood or having wet dreams at night, and girls have their periods or blossoming breasts - it can make things uncomfortable! Haha. Oh, the joys of puberty!

Thanks Becky for reminding me of that terrible awkward time. I hope my daughter gets her own room before then!

I was glad to see Hailey’s comment because she has four kids in one room! I’ve actually been to her apartment, and it really does somehow work. Way to go Hailey! She writes: I love that my four kids are sharing a room here in NY. They have to learn to get along, and they can’t go and isolate themselves from the rest of the family. I hear them talking and giggling after lights out at night, and I like to think it’s bringing them closer. Plus, they are getting creative at finding ways to make their own privacy (dressing in closets, etc.) I think if and when we move back to the suburbs, I will still have them share as much as possible.

Who has Hailey beat?! Can I get a reader with 5 kids in a bedroom? Can I get 6? Anyone?

I’ll end with Jaclyn’s comment. She nail it. She wrote: I shared a room with my little brother and sister until we moved when i was 14. i never really minded it. there were moments where i wished i had my own room and there were times when we taped up sections of the bedroom as only mine or only my siblings, but all in all we survived. i was able to cope better at sleepovers and summer camp. i survived. 

I love that. We survived. I survived. I guess it’s really that simple. Thanks to all my readers for practically writing this article for me! I included three more of my favorite comments below. Now it’s your turn: What’s been your experience with siblings sharing a room? Love it or hate it?

1. Sarah from Just Sarah writes: I’ve grown up most of my life in NYC. My older brother and younger sister and I all shared a room until I was 14 and they were 15 and 12 respectively. It was kind of nice, and we were always really close. My brother had a curtain for privacy and we all had loft beds which was great. Finally we just outgrew the space (literally- I would stub my toe almost every time I walked to the back of the room) and had to move to a bigger apartment. I still share a room with my little sister, and sometimes I feel really cramped up, but over all I don’t mind it terribly. 

2. Libbey Blaine writes: My two older brothers are 7 and 8 years older than I and we shared a bedroom until I was in the 3rd grade. I’m sure they would tell you that it was more than annoying to share a room with their pesky little sister for that long, but I loved it. I had my own story tellers and monster fighters. I think sharing a room with them actually helped foster my independence, because I was able to rely less and less on my parents to comfort my fears.When we moved to a large house we each had our own bedrooms but sometimes we would have “camp outs” in each others rooms, and very often we would do this in the living room. 

3. Lando writes: We have twin 6-year old girls that have shared a bedroom since the first day they came home from the hospital together. Right now they are in a bunk-bed in a rather small bedroom, and it works – for now. I worry that somewhere around age 8 or 9 they will outgrow the limited space in their bedroom and start crashing into each other physically, mentally and emotionally….needing their own personal space. For now though, they have never known anything different so it works fine. My eldest daughter, who is 10, has said more than once “why does everyone else in this family have a roommate but me? it’s not fair…..” which just goes to show you that it’s all about perspective!



HI! I'm writing a quick post to let you all know that my Influential Women Babble post is up! Look to see if your woman made the list. And check out the slideshow game I made! NO cheating! Click here

Have a good weekend! Oh I almost forgot-- Alexandra--I used a bunch of your women but I couldn't find a link back to your blog. Do you have one? I'll include if you send it over. Thanks :)

PS I love this picture of Judy Blume! (found here.) 


Couples Cupcake Class!

Remember this post?! Rob and I finally cashed in our couples cupcake class at Butter Lane! It was amazing! I totally recommend it! We took home 21 cupcakes! I'll write more later! Maybe! I went to bed at 7:30pm last night! I'm still exhausted! However, exclamation points seem to be solving that problem! Energy with exclamation points! You should try it! 

Thanks Course Horse for paying for the class!


Perfectly Sloppy, Homemade, and Haunting Halloween Costumes

My family took a trip to the NY Botanical Gardens on Monday to check out their Haunted Pumpkin Garden. It was amazing! I was pleasantly surprised to see the employees wearing perfectly sloppy, homemade, and haunting Halloween costumes. In my ideal world, this is what every Halloween costume would look like.

Check out these amazing costumes and get inspired. Which one is your favorite: The cat, the bear, the skeleton, the old lady or the DRAGON?

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