you say goodbye i say hello

Today is the first day that all my kids are in school full-time. 8:30am-2:30pm. They have slowly eased the boys into preschool by adding an hour each day. I purposely didn't plan anything today. I'm afraid I'm going to waste the entire day doing nothing. Maybe I'll listen to NPR. Sky dive. Make blueberry pancakes. Buy a pair of jeans. Shoes. I'm in a weird place. Full of contradictions. I'm thrilled they are gone and that I'm over that part of my life. This is one step closer to them growing up and moving out. For forever! But at the same time, I miss them already. I want it all back. Do it again. They watched too much TV. They annoyed me too much. Their tiny hands. The picnics. Today is the start to a new normal and I don't know what it's gong to take to actually feel normal. I've listened Hello, Goodbye by the Beatles three times while writing this post. It's exactly how I feel today. One contradiction after another. The party at the end of the video. Everyone waving and smiling. Kicking! Hula dancing. Exactly. I'll play it one more time and get myself together. It's so quiet as soon as the song is over.


  1. good luck finding your groove again. I can imagine that suddenly having a lot of free time is both exciting and also a bit overwhelming. Maybe you can volunteer somewhere?

  2. I have two brothers and a sister, and we were all born within 6 years. When I was talking to my mom recently about taking my daughter to preschool, she told me the first time that all four of us kids were in school she didn't know what to do with herself. She ended up playing Tetris on our Nintendo all day! HAHA!

  3. jen: yes, exactly. i have plans to fill my days with an internship and two writing gigs. but for today i'm taking it easy. :)

    stephanie: hahahahah love your comment

  4. I hope you wasted the entire day, doing nothing. Every once in a while, it's not a bad thing -- and I'm sure you never had an opportunity like that until today.

  5. thanks for the reminder to enjoy and savor this time of having these rambunctious little ones all home with me before they grow up and head off to school. hope you enjoy your freedom time.

  6. oh! thanks for this post! i was thinking about adding a few hours to my son's nursery day and was asking when they would take my daughter... maybe ill scrap that and take them to the V&A museum tomorrow! make the most of it. x

  7. now you can meet me for morning coffee in the hood. :)

  8. I'm fairly new to your blog and its soo super cute! You are living in my dream city, and I am determined to make it there one day === all the way from Northern Western Canada! My daughter recently started Full Time French Immersion Kindergarten - and its so weird only have 1 at home! Im eager for the days of "me" where cleaning the house, cooking, exercise is done alone and without interruptions! Enjoy the "free" time, soon it will be volunteering,baking etc for school!

    Great blog! <3

  9. Oh--I am so sorry!! I hope you played lots of nintendo (loved that comment by Stephanie)...haha or at least perused blogs all day. I also hope 2:30 came quickly for you today too. xoxo

  10. :/ It gets easier.

    You have a wonderful blog!

  11. I know! Now that you have some extra time, you should blog all day long. ;) I thoroughly reading about your NYC musings, despite the fact I'm just a hop skip and a jump away in Brooklyn. You capture our city, and all it has to offer a family, so well! All the best for an easy transition to this new phase!

  12. I went to HP 7 by myself yesterday morning in Times Square. I would have texted you if I knew you were home! It was super awesome.

  13. Just stumbled across your blog from Oh Happy Day and you crack me up! Love your writing style and I feel the exact same way about my boys. xo, Jodi

  14. Have been following your blog, love your look on life!

  15. I would just like you to know that Hello, Goodbye is my 2-year-old girl's favorite songs. As soon as we get in the car, she yells "Yes! Yes! Yes!" until I play the CD. She asks for She Loves You by saying "Yeah, yeah, yeah" -- just thought I'd add that.

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