Weekend Approved Project: Ride a NYC Carousel!

Labor Day Weekend: What are you going to do? I say ride a carousel! Here's a list of carousels in all the boroughs. But I think you should ride this solar powered Carousolar in South Seaport. It's FREE and only running until September 6th. We went yesterday and rode it 4 times. No line! Although one time we had to wait 10 minutes for it to charge. Hurry up Sun!

I was curious about the carousel and why they white washed it. Turns out it's a vintage 1920's carousel that was destined for the dump. GE saved it, white-washed it, and made it solar. In three weeks. What do you think of the white paint? Did they cheap out by not truly restoring it? Perhaps they should have used hot pink? Neon Green? Regardless, I think it was a clever marketing idea. The video below explains more.

 Enjoy these last few days of summer. Eat an ice cream cone. Ride a carousel. Say Farewell to Summer!

ps The car is fixed! Strollers are getting delivered tomorrow!  


  1. oh my gosh that's an amazing idea! Good call GE! and great post Sharon = )


  2. That is so awesome! Wish I still worked down there so I could have given it a spin. By the way, have you heard that they're going to be running a vintage train car down the 2/3 line starting this weekend for four weeks? You should take your kids on that; I'm definitely going to be on it!

  3. I am loving the white wash carousel! Sounds like a fun weekend!! We will definitely be hitting the beach, riding bikes, eating ice cream, and shopping at the farmers market!

  4. It's beautiful white. Definitely surprising and unexpected....and if it was destined to be thrown out, a whitewash was better than that :)

  5. LOVE the white washed carousel! Takes me back to being a kid but this one is way more chic than the bright and crazy colors.


  6. I saw this when I was in the seaport last week. I didn't love the white, but the solar power made up for it. And really, who can complain about a free carousel in such a beautiful setting in the middle of NYC?! And I loved that grown ups could charge their cell phones and what not while they watched!

    Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!

    New York State of Mind

  7. that is such a creepy carousel, creepy in a good way though. i've never seen one sans color. although, what don't i like painted white? have a crappy armoire? paint it white. have an ugly chair? paint it white.

    i loved your post about your summer goals. its incredible how fast time flies. i remember being in 5th grade and being SO MAD when my mom would wake me up for school. i was so frustrated at not ever being able to imagine being out of school..it really seemed like eternity. now i would give anything to be back, and i don't think i'll ever fully be able to "sleep in" ever again. funny how that happens...

  8. That's a great idea! I didn't know about the Carousel at the Sea Port! I love it in white though :o)
    I'll check on it for sure, my boys will enjoy it!
    I'm loving your blog!
    Thnx for the info!

  9. Thanks everyone!
    Much to My Delight: Thanks for the 2/3 tip!

  10. Wow! Solar powered carousel! How amazing! This is great! Thanks for sharing!

    I Can Be Many Things


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