Pennwick Custom Golf Carts

Really wished we could have met up with you yesterday John! As a consolation for you driving around for 1.5 hrs with no luck finding a parking spot, I will ask each of my readers to purchase at least one of your amazing custom golf carts. What'll it be--The '56, The Smoothster, or the BROOKLYN?

Hope you get home safely! Thanks for being such a good friend to Rob.

On a related note--I cleaned my house for John's visit because I thought he was staying overnight. You should see my bath tub! I have blue water in my toilet bowl! Quick--someone stop by without warning so I can fool you into thinking this is how my house always looks. And smells!

The '56


  1. Speaking of cleaning...I need to give my own bathroom a good dip in bleach. It's so unladylike in there!

  2. :) the mess is all because of boys! lets blame them. if it were just girls living in our house it would be spotless all the time :) x

  3. Hahaha----So funny about the cleaning. So true, so true. I hope someone pops in on you. ;)

  4. ugh, just the thought of trying to find a parking spot in NYC gives me anxiety.


  5. those golf carts are awesome! I'll forward the link to my in-laws.... big golfing family.

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