Here's a bunch of pictures starring Owen and a Lombardi's pizza. Lombardi's is known as the birth place of NY Style Pizza. Ah, yes, another assortment of pictures I post on my blog to give the illusion of bliss and beauty. Enjoy!

Congratulations for strolling this far down!  Now for your reward, a dose of reality: After we ate our pizza, we took the kids to a nearby playground, and Oscar crapped his pants. Rob cleaned it up in a Port-a-Potty. Luckily, Oscar's jeans were sparred. We carried on. 15 minutes later, while waiting in the subway station, Oscar started to complain about a stomachache. And that was that. The $30 dollar cab ride home was totally worth it. Stinky, but worth it. We couldn't stop laughing! The poor kid.


  1. hehe! too funny! been there. nothing is ever as planned! and it is good to hear other mum's stories of stress. (we had a famous meltdown in heathrow airport... i am sure people are still talking about the crazy kid at the airport and the equally crazy parents)

  2. Oh, the poor kid. The same thing happened to me in kindergarten, and if you think my parents would have stopped bringing it up fifteen, twenty, and twenty-five years later, you would be wrong.


  3. That is so funny!
    My son had a similar episode when he was being potty trained where he first got his underwear a little bit wet earlier in the day, so I took it off and kept only the loose shorts. Later, we were having lunch at some friends house backyard and I see this product on the grass, but there were no dogs around. As quickly as I could, I placed a napkin on top before our hosts would get the gross view of it while still chewing on their hamburgers. It was so embarrassing!
    Some days later he had another accident, this time inside our apt, and he came running to me telling me not to worry that he had taken care of the mess. He had placed a paper towel on top of it!

  4. hilarious. and your honesty is unbelievably refreshing.

  5. hahaha, I'm sorry, but this is adorable! Pooor little guy...!

  6. LOL, I love that you included that part. I'm living vicariously through your photos!

  7. Just when you think you've surpassed those types of incidents...bam! Crap the pants! In public!! Followed by a repeat performance!!!

    That's the way it goes.

  8. Poor little guy! So..don't eat at Lombardis?

  9. awwww, poor Oscar!!! But the pizza looks delicious.

  10. Man. Lombardi's is the best. So sorry about Oscar, thank goodness for taxis!

  11. besides pants crapping, how was it? lombardi's is on my to-do list.

  12. Bless his heart!! Hope he is feeling better!

  13. Oh, poor little guy. Way to bring you all back to reality! The pizza looked pretty good... hope that wasn't what made him sick!

  14. stumbled upon your blog this evening...should be sleeping...glad i stayed up for this post...laughed out loud!

  15. stumbled upon your blog this evening...should be sleeping...glad i stayed up for this post...laughed out loud!

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