Job Hunt: Updates with Good News

(i've started wearing eyeliner and eyeshadow!)

Thanks for following my process as I become a working mom.  Remember when I wrote this cry for help? Best thing I ever did! Here's what's happening now:

My internship at New York Family magazine is going really well. What do I do when I'm in the office? I've been blogging for the New Parents Expo here and tweeting for it here. It's been exciting to be apart of the process of putting on a massive expo. It's all going to come together October 15th-16th. Almost here!  I've also been helping my boss Rebecca anywhere she needs me. Assisting her by making copies, organizing info in spreadsheets, and (my favorite) representing the magazine at events around the city here and here.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a position will open up for me at New York Family magazine after my internship is over.

Most of the next info is vague, because I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to divulge yet. But I thought you'd like to know!

1. In the last month, I've been offered two paid writing gigs from two huge websites. I'll go into more details as soon as I know more.
2. I've signed with a major ad network so I'll be making a little extra money off my blog soon. I'll keep you posted.

All good news. I can't wait to start making MONEY!


  1. Yay for you!!! Now, onto important stuff...what is that wallpaper behind you? Is that in your home? Because I think I love it!

  2. congratulations! you deserve all good things. you have a fantastic super cool lovely blog. x

  3. Congratulations! That is super exciting and awesome. And the eyeliner and eyeshadow looks great.......especially next to that wallpaper?? Love.

  4. That's so exciting for you! Congrats! You always give me so much hope reading your blog. I even bought the e-book you contributed to, I loved the piece, could really relate to it. I guess the moral of the story is: keep blogging, good things will come. :)

    Although by far my favorite line in this post was about the eyeliner! Ha! I give myself a HUGE pat on the back if I manage to shower AND put on lipstick. That's a good day.

    I do hope you can link up to your writing on the other websites when its allowed! Can't wait to read it!


  5. How awesome are you?...cause pretty much you amaze me. Way to go...I can't wait to hear what else you get to do with your awesome writing talent. It'll all pay off when that money comes in, hugh?? :)...and it will!

  6. thanks for the encouragement everyone!

    Shannon: THANk YOU so much for buying a copy of the book!!!

    THE WALLPAPER: We splurged on this wallpaper last year as a Christmas present. It's in our living room. I use it as a backdrop when I'm trying to look interesting. ha!

  7. congrats!


  8. This working-for-free-thing sounds crazy.... Luckily we don´t have that system here in Norway.... Crossing my fingers for you!

  9. woo amazing all around! Congrats!

  10. WOW congrats Sharon. You look so cute on this picture and I LOVE that WALLPAPER.

    What E book are you talking about?

    You rock.


  11. HELLO?! Don't I at least get a shout out for introducing you to the wonderful world of make up?! Next, we have to work on your blush . . . ha ha.


  12. EMily: haha Yes, I think of you every time I put it on ESPECIALLY when I use the tiny brushes that come with my drug store eyeshadow.

  13. Go, fight, win! And then share your money with me. Ha! (or at least add me to your blog roll so I can be as popular as you - heehee... no, really...)

    You look beautiful. And where are you standing? Did you paper your wall with that Anthro paper? Love it!

    Also, we need to play again. There are so many fun fall city things to do!

    K. This is turning into an email...

  14. Should read comments - that IS the anthro paper!

  15. hahaha love you abbie. you're on my blog roll :)

  16. Gyda: Thanks! here's the link for the ebook:

  17. Super news Sharon!! Well done.I just started my dream job 2 days ago (in the depths of a recession here in Europe). What I've learned... persistence, patience and positivity pays off :)

  18. The eyes look great. Love love love make-up.

  19. awesome...keep doing what your doing!!

  20. I found your blog through A Cup of Jo, and I've loved reading about your job search. I've recently graduated from college and I'm looking to, so reading about your success has been so inspiring!

  21. Thanks Sharon.


  22. you are beautiful sharon. love your blog.

  23. you are beautiful sharon. love your blog.

  24. woo to the hoo! you're on fire, woman. well-deserved.

  25. woo to the hoo! you're on fire, woman. well-deserved.

  26. woo to the hoo! you're on fire, woman. well-deserved.

  27. woo to the hoo! you're on fire, woman. well-deserved.

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