Happy Birthday!

I decided to keep the boys birthday party really small this year. I just invited our cousins in Harlem. The last thing I remember saying to Rob before I went to bed on Friday night was, "Shouldn't we plan something for tomorrow. For the boys party?" He replied, "Naw. It will work itself out." Here's the only thing I planned going into the party.

1. Starts at 4pm.
2. Eat pizza at Patsy's.
3. Ice cream at Serendipity 3
4. Call it a "Transportation Party" and get everywhere by using different modes of transportation.
5. Give the boys MTA trains  or something similar.

That's it! I never imagined it would go so well. With surprises along the way!

First Surprise: On our way to Patsy's, we happened to catch the vintage 1920's subway car sponsored this month by Boardwalk Empire. The sound of riding a subway with the windows down, the way it felt to sit in the wicker seats, the hooks, the ceiling fans, the light bulbs. We were in awe.

The pizza at Patsy's was great! No surprises there. It's been around since the 1930's so they know exactly how to make a pie. We ordered two! When we got out, we tried desperately to find a minivan taxi cab to get to our next destination: Serendipity 3. No such luck. Enter the next surprise: An impromptu party game. Boys against girls: Who can get to Serendipity 3 first? The boys caught the first cab, but the girls were able somehow crush them in the end!

Serendipity 3 had a whopping 1.5 hour wait, so the kids went to a nearby playground. While there, they discovered the Roosevelt Island Tram. Surprise #3! The whole ride took a standard subway fare and round trip was around 10 minutes. Best part: Sweeping views of the city. I felt like I was in the Peter Pan ride at Disney World. It goes so high up and has surround views. I really felt like I was flying! Incredible. Go now go!

We finally got our name called from the wait list at Serendipity 3 and got to eat gigantic sundaes! So good. Tip: Get a sundae, not their famous frozen hot chocolate.

For the record: Forms of transportation used at my very thought out party: our feet, a vintage subway, taxi, tram, bus.  Pretty good!

Happy Birthday boys! I hope you had fun!


  1. Good morning. ;)
    What a great idea for a birthday party. Happy birthday to the boys.

  2. what a good idea sharon. happy bday to those guys! i read about the vintage subway train thing and i'm mad i missed it! i bet that was crazy cool.

  3. this is really nice! great idea and love that it work so well. (sometimes the best things are unplanned.) your boys are so super cute. the first pic of them, they look so different from each other. twins, but totally different. love how they are dressed, prep and rocker. x

  4. i love the photo of the city in the dark with all the lights. your party turned out great and i love it all.

  5. What a great idea, even if it wasn't fully thought out! Sometimes those are the best ideas, and less stressful. Happy bday to the them!

  6. Happy Birthday, boys! Love you!

  7. This story is inspiring and I love how easily kids are amused. You're brilliant.

  8. So creative and without the clean up :)

  9. I love how this turned out, looks like the perfect party! And is it weird that I'd love this for my own 32nd birthday this year? Happy birthday to your boys!

  10. The party really was fantastic--fun for kids, fun for adults! Thanks for inviting us!


  11. What a fun party! Goes to show things don't have to be planned to be amazing. The Roosevelt Island Tram is one of the great jewels of the city in my opinion.

    Happy Bday to your cute boys!

  12. I can't believe they are 4! Happy Birthday Boys!! This looks like the perfect celebration.

  13. Fenton's vs. Serendipity 3: who wins? (PS I can't believe it has been four years since they were born!)

  14. haha good question. FENTON's. no contest.

  15. serendipity has silly rules like: $8.5 min per person, no reservations if you're just ordering dessert, the prices are totally gouged for tourists.

    I have nothing bad to say about Fenton's. It's perfect.

  16. Happy Birthday to the boys! Love the old subway train.

  17. What a simple way to celebrate a birthday, yet so fun! Happy b-day to your boys ;)

  18. So fun, love the taxi races. I can just picture the kids giggling. Happy birthday to O+O!

  19. this is so, so cute! the taxi races are *adorable*.

  20. Unplanned fun can be the best kind of fun! And your boys are adorable! Nice to see the different hairstyles. Then everyone can tell them apart without much effort. :)

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