Wooden NYC

On Saturday we spent the morning being lazy. Watching cartoons. I was finishing up a small blog assignment (more on that soon!). Rob made us homemade pancakes. We made sure to tell him he was fabulous. We all took naps. Then we cleaned the house. Boring.

Suddenly it was 4pm! The thought of starting a family adventure at this time of day seems pointless. Usually if anything fun was going to happen, it would have started by now. Actually, it would be wrapping up. There's dinner and bedtimes and tantrums to be had. And plus rain was in the forecast. But Ella demanded that we needed to get out of the house. And since I give my kids whatever they demand, especially when they whine, I asked her: Will Governor's Island suffice?  Her response: Yes indeed.

We got on the island at 5:15pm and got kicked off by 6:15pm due to rain. But I wasn't disappointed. Why? Look what we found! Aren't these simple structures so inspiring? Dominos as windows for a skyscraper? Brilliant! The bright colors. The sloppy handwriting. This is exactly the kind of toys I adore. The buildings are moveable and so perfectly messy.

Ella and the boys were overwhelmed by it all at first. I remember Ella saying, "I don't know what to do. My brain isn't working!" Her and the boys took a minute to walk around and look at all the buildings, the bridges, and the random parts.  That's when I took these first few pics. Then, just like that, they started building the city of their dreams. Take that Sim City!


  1. That pink and red construction of a city shot seriously looks like something out of India. But which wasn't built by kids. And which people live in. Really.

  2. We are fo' sho' going to take and ride our bikes around Governor's Island mid-Sept. before it closes. I have reminders set-up in my Google calendar so I don't forget or schedule something over it.

    My co-worker with a cute little baby highly recommended it.

  3. Reading your blog makes me smile, i don't blame your daughter for wanting to be just like you!

  4. Beautiful pictures!! The colors are incredible. I think my brain would stop working, too....

  5. I love reading your blog. I live in a teeny little town and love seeing life with kids in the big city. Keep it up! (please)

  6. I followed the link. How cool are the bottle cap shakers!

  7. Bright Colors!:) Love it!:)


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