Weekend Approved Project: Let's Do it Together!

Covenant House is a crisis center for kids under the age of 21 who find themselves homeless. It's a safe place to sleep, get a hot meal, and find someone to listen and care for them.  They are allowed to live there for 30 days. I was invited to a baby shower at Covenant House last night. It's the kind of thing I would have never done on my own.  It took an invitation. I'm so glad I got one. It completely changed my mind on the term "homeless". The moms at the shelter were not the ones I see on the street with the signs mumbling and begging for quarters. The moms I met were an energetic, friendly group of woman who are having a rough time establishing themselves. Covenant House is helping them in so many ways!

The baby shower had it all. A dinner, presents, center pieces, balloons, table clothes, a game and, of course, plenty of giggling women. It was even a surprise for the two pregnant girls!  My favorite was baby themed Bingo because all the moms were winners. The Social Worker in charge passed out new baby blankets to everyone in attendance. They cheered! The feeling in the air was light and festive. A lot of the girls asked me to take their picture. One held her baby up high. Another wanted me to take a few of her baby smashing a cake into her face. One requested that my entire blog be pictures of them. Her friends nodded their heads in total agreement. Here you go ladies:

I asked one of the social workers if the moms needed anything. She suggested that they need strollers. I completely understand why. If NYC has taught me one thing, it's that trying to get around the city without a stroller is extremely difficult. I consider my stroller my tiny minivan. I don't go anywhere without it--and my kids are almost all over the age of four! City mamas use their strollers forever! The worker pointed out one of the mothers who has a little one, with one on the way. A stroller would make this young mom's life so much easier.

So let's do it! Let's all donate a little money for strollers!  Call it the NYC Taught Me Mother's Need Strollers Fund!  I set up a paypal account. It's located on the bottom of this post. Deadline is Monday night (August 15th).  I'll keep you posted on donations throughout the weekend here. Yay!

Here's to my most ambitious weekend approved project yet. I'm excited to see the results of our joint project. :) I created a new page on the top left to show our progress. Thank you Emily for being the first person to donate!

(POST EDIT: My fundraiser is over, but if you would like to donate directly to Covenant House, you can do so here.)

More about my experience at Convenant House below:

After the baby shower, I got a tour of the facility and learned more about this particular branch of Covenant House. This facility only serves woman under the age of 21 who are either pregnant or already mothers. They are a loud to stay for 30 days.  Each bedroom is shared by 2 mothers and their kids. Two of the girls graciously let me see into their room. There was just enough room for two twin beds for the mothers and two cribs for their babies. The room was neat and clean, albeit small. A small airconditioner was buzzing in the window. The mother's had a shared bathroom with another set of girls in a conjoining room. The building also has a childcare center, a roof deck with an amazing view, a computer room and a small living room. In their 30 day stay, they have access to proper health care, job training classes, and full time childcare. They also receive help on obtaining long-term housing, getting employment, parenting skills.
The experience was great! Let's see how we can help! Just an FYI: This is not a sponsored post. They contacted me to spread awareness of their organization. I fell in love with what they are doing and agreed to write this post. I'm not getting compensated for anything. :)


  1. You make reading blogs so worth it. Thanks for thinking of others, too. As a registered social worker, a mom, and a girl who loves nothing more than looking at pictures of children and pushing my kids kids around in our stroller, this post inspired me. It inspired me to remember that daily life is more then what kind of mascara you're wearing, the size of your apartment, and your wardrobe. Thank you for pointing out that all the girls wanted was pictures of their kids on the your blog. They didn't care about shots of themselves showing off an outfit, their style, place they were, or what they had. What a lesson you "taught NYC." You are an amazing person, Sharron. With an amazing heart. NYC is lucky to have you...and so are your own children.
    Donation, done!

  2. Gonna post this on my FB page today!:) Done, and..Done! Good Luck. Will you please keep us updated and let us know how everything turns out?

  3. How great is this? I'm a licensed social worker too, and this really touched my heart. I would definitely like to contribute to the stroller project. Thanks for shining a light on such a wonderful place:)

  4. Sharon, this put tears in my eyes. Donating NOW. I'm also going to tweet about it and put it on my fb. Thanks for DOING something about this need, rather than just talking about it (which is good, too...but doing is infinitely better). :)

  5. I am Emily's sister. She introduced me to your blog. My internet has been out for a week and I just got it back today and headed over upon her recommendation. It was so nice not having to think about things online this last week. But, what's more? It is even nicer coming to a blog written by a woman who cares about others and does something about it. Thank you. I love this post and donation DONE!

  6. Thank you all for your thoughtful comments and donations. I added you all to the list!!

  7. Sharon, this is awesome! I am from Berlin, Germany and love reading your blog - and now this! I just donated and hope many more will do as well!

  8. Made a donation with Tyler's paypal account. What an awesome thing to do! Strollers are a must have for any mom!

  9. Congratulations!! You met your goal. Thanks for making us aware of this and sharing your experience! xoxo A & Z Dumke

  10. I lite a candle tonight to bring awareness to homeless you across the world...

  11. Please do a post like this again! Especially as your audience is increasing so much : )

    1. great idea! thanks for the reminder. i had so much fun doing this! :)

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