Weekend Approved Project: Adopt a Tree

I'll start by giving all the credit to today's Weekend Approved Project to my sister Christine. She told me about a book she's reading filled with activities to do with kids. Since my two fallback kid activities are usually PBSkids.org and Backyardigans on Netflix, I'm always open for suggestions. One of the ideas she read about was adopting a tree. She said it's super easy so I decided to put it to the test. Here's my adoption story:
Measuring tape
Picnic Lunch

1. Picked a tree. Let the universe speak to you and help you pick the tree that needs you the most. Or just pick any old tree like I did. I know my kids should have helped pick it out, but I wanted to eliminate that fight.  I said: Here kids, here's the tree we will be adopting. Not even a peep out of any of them!  Perhaps the universe was telling them to keep their mouths shut and listen to mommy. Dear Universe: Where were you at bed time?

2. Measure the tree. I still can't believe I found my measuring tape in the exact drawer I last put it.

3. Color it: Draw a picture of the tree and do tree rubbings. 

4. Enjoy the tree. Have a picnic, lay under the tree's shade, talk about it's leaves, and estimate how many leaves are on the tree. Perhaps you could also read books about trees.  My favorites are the The Giving Tree, The Lorax, and A Tree is Nice. I didn't read any of these books, but for this post let's pretend I did.

5. Take a picture of the tree. One of my regrets about this activity is that I didn't take a picture of the tree with the kids. Oops. I'll do it this week.

6. Name the tree. This one is crucial. By this time the boys were totally over the activity. I think Ella was too. She named it: Round. Inspired? I think so.

There you have it: My simple weekend approved project.  It's a fun way to spend an afternoon. Go for it!

I hope your weekend is great!! In honor of this post, I will ask that all your comments be submitted electronically. I know most of you prefer to mail in your comments. But together we can save an adoptable tree.


  1. You always have such an obliging [and adorable] model! I approve of this weekend approved project! :D

  2. Cute. I love those books too :)

  3. It appears from the photos that you have adopted a yellow birch. Congrats on the new addition! If you want another activity when you go back for more pics, break off a small branch and smell it. If it is a yellow birch, like I suspect, it should have a slight wintergreen smell. The joys of being an Arborist......

  4. I can't keep my mouth shut. THE GIVING TREE is an appalling book. The mother gives herself away until she's a stump? People, think about it. Who wants to buy into that kind of martyrdom?

  5. Awesome activity and awesome books!

    p.s. I agree and disagree with Louise. I love the giving tree. When I was younger it made me want to be giving, but to also not take advantage when things are given. It's all how you spin it! I hope that most parents would be willing/able to explain that both the tree and the boy were in the wrong :)

  6. I am honored from head to toe...from tree leaf to trunk:) I am so excited you adopted a tree this weekend:) It is such a beautiful,simple way to spend time with the family. I love simple,inexpensive,fun activities to do. Many times those are the things my kids remember most about their time together:)
    ~Christine (Sharon's sister:)

  7. I'm glad you are letting the universe speak in all kinds of forums. :). Love the blog! - Lauren of Ithaca

  8. Louise Plummer,

    Why you mad?

  9. I love this post!! So refreshing and the photos are beautiful. Thank you. I want to adopt a tree.

  10. good idea, your kids are SO cute.

  11. So cool! And I actually like the name Round! :)

    Camila Faria

  12. Love this idea. And it seems that Ella's tree and I have the same name.

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