Museum of Natural History Highlight: The Time Capsule

Time Capsules are so fascinating to me. Have you seen this one outside of Museum of Natural History? It's not going to be opened until January 1, 3000! Mind boggling. I found the list of things they put into it here. My favorites were: a wedding cake ornament, Weight Watchers Magazine, 51 photographs from the address 3 Times Square, and wild apple seeds from Kazakhstan. I was surprised they didn't put any clothes, shoes, or hats inside. Perhaps those items wouldn't last? Anyone know? I thought that was strange.

What would you put in your time capsule that wouldn't be opened for 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? Off the top of my head: My kids used crayons. My old shoes. A dress I used to wear everyday. My set of keys. A piece of my favorite wallpaper. Writing stories to each of the items would be my favorite part of the process.  Alone the set of keys would be boring but writing the keys into a scene from my life would be fun. I'll add more to my list in the comments section. Don't be surprised if I steal some of your ideas. And don't be surprised if I make a time capsule for a future Weekend Approved Project.

While taking these pictures, I kept having morbid thoughts of a huge earthquake sinking the time capsule and all of NYC into the depths of the earth. Or a huge bomb destroying it and everything surrounding it. Zombies. I needed to get my mind off of such stupid thoughts. Good thing I have Owen around to lighten the mood and shout, "Hey Mom, it looks like a girls wiener!".  Bravo Owen.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I cannot stop laughing.

    Little Owen, can you be anymore precious? I only wish I was there to hear this comment (and possibly spill my tea all over myself).

    Thank you so much for making my entire morning.

    I love kids. You never know what's going to come out of their mouths (in public).

    Love this blog so much... (had to edit the comment I posted above, it made little sense, I was laughing too hard)

    I Can Be Many Things

  2. Ha ha ha ha! A girl's weiner! That's the best thing I've heard for awhile...thanks for that...

  3. The best thing about a time capsule is that by the time you open it, you forget what's been put inside. My parents buried a time capsule in their backyard and I remember writing a lot, but I don't remember what I wrote or anything else that was put in. We're opening it in 2050. Or 2040? I can't remember.

    On another note, my high school freshman English teacher had us write and address a letter to ourselves. She mailed it when we graduated high school. I didn't remember having written the letter. I have the surprise all over again every time I find it under the bed or squished in the back of a drawer.

  4. My best friend and I made wills in high school--thinking it would be intEresting one day to see what we thought we had of value and who we valued at the time to have those things. I'm so sad to say that I don't know where the wills have gone.

    Love that sort of thing!

  5. Bahahahaha! That is hilarious! I haven't seen this before and I love this sort of thing. So interesting. I do find it odd that they didn't include any clothes? I think I would include pictures (of all sorts of stuff---definitely some of the local area), clothes--specifically shoes, a great pair of blue jeans, and a hat, and quite possibly a newspaper.

  6. Too funny your boy! I have not done a time capsule yet, but we've written notes behind walls during our renos. I want to make one with my kids though..maybe toys, magazines,pop can, toothbrush,news paper of the day and a grocery store receipt...

  7. A girl's weiner!!!! I am dying, that is too funny! That Owen is precious (as are the other 2), his old man-ness cracks me up:)

    I just discovered your blog through Cup of Jo, and I am now addicted! I read all the way back to your very first post and developed a major "family crush" on you and your kiddo's. Can't wait to keep reading about your NYC adventures:)

  8. I love this post! great photos = )


  9. Wow, that list of items is so random and interesting! Love the pictures and thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh my gosh!!! I can't stop laughing. Too funny. I'd put my drivers license, sand from the beach, a camera, a map, a twenty dollar bill, photos from the largest cities in the states (hard to imagine how theyll change), an a Twinkie (cause I'm sure it'd still be good).


  11. Thank you for totally and completely inspiring my blogpost today!


  12. Is it just me or did they just put a bunch of random crap in that thing?? I agree, clothing should've been included. Breast implants would've been funny too.

  13. Jeannine: haha such a good point. I wonder what the future will think of all the hair samples?

    Krystle: Just read your post--loved your list! My favorite of yours: A list of how long it takes to get places. Such a good idea!

    Chanel: Twinkie--yes!

    I think I'll really make a time capsule soon. I'll keep you posted on my idea!!

  14. Oh my goodness too funny! So glad I found your blog! NYC has always been a city I've been intrigued by and I'm really enjoying reading about your perspective and experiences.

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  16. It really kind of does look like a girls weiner lol! Leave it to kids to state the obvious!

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