My NYC Guide: The Metropolitan Museum of Art with kids: Part 3

There are a million ways to have fun at the Met with kids. Here's one of my ideas. And another. And some official ideas. And here's what I did yesterday:

1. Spotlighted an Artist: I introduced the kids to Chuck Close. I asked them to make the same faces as the people in the portraits. Of course Owen wanted nothing to do with my art lesson.
2. Took a Break: Ran up to the Roof Garden, bought lemonade and chugged it. Owen won. Ella was disappointed there were no flowers in the roof garden. The sculptures let her down.
3. Took another Brake: Got out of the museum, crossed the street to William Greenberg Desserts for the best black and white cookies this city makes. The boys slept threw it.

4. Lived our Life: Headed back towards the Met and walked north to Ancient Playground.  Forgot to apply sunscreen.
5. Played: Played until their shoulders turned pink.
6. Finished: Pushed the boys home in the stroller. Ella used her scooter.

The reason for yesterday's trip to the Met was to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit but the line was 2.5 hours long . . . not worth it with the kids. But it's worth it to me! I already have a babysitter lined up so I can see the exhibit before it closes on Friday. I can't wait!

*You know the Met's entrance fee is a suggested donation, right? Pay whatever you want and the employees never flinch.


  1. When I took my class to the met they all took a picture of that Chuck Close print and said it looks JUST like me. I guess it kind of does...

  2. I love her little jumper and whispy pulled back hair. cute cute cute.

  3. I looove Chuck Close! Also, it's one of my greatest joys to reach into my purse and hand the employees all my spare change :D

  4. You take great photos and your kids are absolutely adorable!

  5. I'd sure love to see the McQueen exhibit. It's probably not going to happen (forget the probably) but I sure hope that you enjoy it.

  6. I'd LOVE to come with you! I've been twice and would happily see it again if you want company. It's definitely worth the wait.

  7. I love this! And I want your daughter's hair. And I love those black and whites - my sister shipped them to me in San Francisco they are so freaking good.

  8. I am a new follower of your blog.. My daughter moved from here (MN ) to NYC about 3 years ago.. I try to find blogs based in the city so I can stay close to her and her way of thinking! Looking forward to reading more!

  9. Your children are so gorgeous :) And the mcqueen exhibition sounds like a dream. Enjoy it!


  10. most gorgeous kids. ever. love your little girl's romper. makes me feel silly wearing mine now!!! isn't the MET the best place for families?!


  11. Definitely see the McQueen Exhibit, it is worth every minute you'll have to wait!

    The shot of your daughter with the half-eaten cookie is absolutely stunning!!

  12. William Greenberg has the BEST black and white cookies, but you could walk right past it, its tiny!

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