How to Hail a NYC Cab


Attention tourists and NYC newbies: All your taxi questions are answered here!

Lesley Colvin writes three tips that will make you look like a local when hailing a cab. She tells you exactly where to stand, the proper way to get a cab drivers attention, and how to know if a cab is available. Also do you know about gypsy cabs? She tells all!

My favorite is the pop quiz at the end entitled: Why isn't this cab stopping for me? ha. I love it. Nicely done Lesley! I wish I would have written that post.

One last thing: Lesley is also fabulous NYC photographer. Check out her portfolio here and click here for pricing.  Contact her for a session and you won't be disappointed. :)


  1. I really like her website. Her photography is beautiful too.

  2. I know--can u believe those pics of the mariachi band in the subway? Stunning!

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