Huge news: I got my first internship yesterday! I'll be working for Rebecca Martin from New York Family magazine as she heads up the New Parents Expo. It's an unpaid internship, but I'm considering it a free education. Beats adding more student loans to the pile. I can't wait to get started! Rebecca and I met yesterday and I love her ideas for the Expo: Stroller Test Drive Track, Fashion Runway, and a Speaker Series filled with people that got me through the first three years of parenthood. So excited. FYI: You know how Rebecca found me? My blog. Best thing I ever did was start NYC Taught Me.

The red sweater! Again! Again! 

Here's a picture of me in Paris around six months ago. It was that week that Jordan encouraged me to start a blog of my own. I'm so glad we had that conversation! Since then, blogging has opened up so many opportunities and friendships for me. Three cheers for whoever invented blogging.  And four cheers for my internship at a publishing company!


Museum of Natural History Highlight: The Time Capsule

Time Capsules are so fascinating to me. Have you seen this one outside of Museum of Natural History? It's not going to be opened until January 1, 3000! Mind boggling. I found the list of things they put into it here. My favorites were: a wedding cake ornament, Weight Watchers Magazine, 51 photographs from the address 3 Times Square, and wild apple seeds from Kazakhstan. I was surprised they didn't put any clothes, shoes, or hats inside. Perhaps those items wouldn't last? Anyone know? I thought that was strange.

What would you put in your time capsule that wouldn't be opened for 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? Off the top of my head: My kids used crayons. My old shoes. A dress I used to wear everyday. My set of keys. A piece of my favorite wallpaper. Writing stories to each of the items would be my favorite part of the process.  Alone the set of keys would be boring but writing the keys into a scene from my life would be fun. I'll add more to my list in the comments section. Don't be surprised if I steal some of your ideas. And don't be surprised if I make a time capsule for a future Weekend Approved Project.

While taking these pictures, I kept having morbid thoughts of a huge earthquake sinking the time capsule and all of NYC into the depths of the earth. Or a huge bomb destroying it and everything surrounding it. Zombies. I needed to get my mind off of such stupid thoughts. Good thing I have Owen around to lighten the mood and shout, "Hey Mom, it looks like a girls wiener!".  Bravo Owen.


Job Update: Your Suggestions

Thank you so much for the huge response over the weekend about my job hunt. I compiled all your suggestions into one post for easy reference.  Mostly for me, but hopefully it can help others as well.

Here are your most popular suggestions:

Good News: I've already set up a few interviews thanks to my wanted ad! I'll keep you posted.

Until then, I'm also researching the websites you suggested:
1. mediabistro.com (jobs/internships in Media)
2. ed2010.com (jobs/internships in Publishing and Creative Services)
3. nyfa.org (jobs/internships in the Arts)
4. NYC’s Young to Publishing Group (network)
5. 826nyc.org (writing volunteer opportunities)

I'm also in love with the idea of taking publishing classes. Here's the ones you suggested:
1. Publishing Certificate at NYU
2. Publishing Certificate at Columbia
*Am I missing any?

For even more options, here's the temp/recruiting agencies you suggested:
1. Career Blazers
2. Lynne Palmer
3. FSS
4. Office Team
5. The Bachrach Group
6. Soloman Page
7. Michael Page

I'll end with a list of encouraging/useful comments you wrote me. Thank you!!
*Look beyond traditional trade book publishing. Consider scientific and academic publishing too.
*It’s easiest to get around “non credit internships” at smaller places like literary agencies or websites.
*Be open to jobs that can lead into publishing. One reader suggested paralegal work.
*Stay Positive/Pray
*And, finally, my favorite surefire ways to break into the NYC Publishing Industry:

Haha thanks Kathryn! Your advice was one of my favorites. :)

Keep the suggestions coming!! I'll update this page as I get more info. In case you missed it, here's the first post in my Get Hired series. And a second one that you might hate me for.

Oh and the strollers! They are here and will be delivered this week!


Weekend Approved Project: Stay Inside!

Hey East Coasters: Good News! I dug out an old rainy day post and Hurricane Irened it! I've put together a list of three classic things to do while you're waiting at home for the storm to pass. Including a playlist! Mostly Michael Jackson! With Links! Here you go, an oldie but goodie. Enjoy it while the power still works.

1. Pillow Fight! No one wants to be defeated. Especially Oscar. Here's six pillow fighting songs for your playlist:
Beat It! Micheal Jackson 
Whip It by Devo
Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas and Vivian Hawke
Stand by R.E.M
Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J (the clean version? No?! Still too much for 3 year olds?) 

2. Toilet Paper Mummies! What else are you going to do with all the toilet paper you rushed out to buy unnecessarily for Irene? Put it to good use. It's a fantastic way to make a mess that you'll be cleaning up for days! Again start with, Michael Jackson's Thriller.
From there add:
Ghostbusters Theme Song (of course, no playlist is complete with out this classic!)
Scooby Doo Theme Song
1. And finally, end with flying lessonsMicheal Jackson's song about flying is lame so here's what I came up with:
Fly by Nick Drake (humor me, I adore this song. The kids won't like it at all.)
Superman Theme Song (it's over 4 minutes long ha!)
Let's Go Fly A Kite from Mary Poppins
Fly by Nick Drake (Again! That'll show em who's boss around here.)

There it is. That should give you around 45 minutes of something to do this weekend. An hour if you repeat the Superman Theme Song a few times. But I'm not suggesting that as an option to my boys. They would be all over that. What songs did I miss? What are you doing while all cooped up for Irene? Stay safe!


High Line Picnic Lunch

Ever see this video on Symmetry? It shows things that go together like peanut butter and jelly, a cat and a mouse, etc. But it's missing one match: The High Line and Chelsea Market. These two attractions are a must do together when visiting the city. Buy a boxed meal at one of the many Chelsea Market restaurants and eat it anywhere on The High Line. And look at the sweet lunch baskets you can buy on your way out. Only $3!


Not to be missed

I took a break from the job hunt to do something fun.
 The Big Piano at FAO Schwarz never disappoints.


Follow Up: My Job Hunt

Thanks so much for the advice yesterday. I spent a lot of time checking out the links you suggested and sending out resumes. You know what I learned? I have the best readers. Period.

I was also stoked when Liz Jacob over at Course Horse contacted me. She thought it might be helpful if I took one of the classes offered through Course Horse. And she even gave me a coupon for $100 off! So nice, right?

As I checked out the site, I was looking classes that could teach me skills that prospective employers want to see. Out of the many I found, the one that stood out was the Intro to Excel class. Perfect. Almost every position I've seen is looking for Excel skills, a program I haven't used in years. But then...

But then! I stumbled on a Friday night Couples Cupcake Decorating class! And it's within my $100 budget! I couldn't resist. Please don't be too mad at me for signing up for it. I'm absolutely hopeless.

Ella's Fourth Birthday. Cupcakes! 

At least I know that after taking the cupcake class, Rob and I will always have jobs waiting for us at Magnolias. There's something comforting in that. Sort of. 


Wanted Ad:

My newest lesson: NYC Taught me that no one wants to hire anyone without professional experience.  The real kicker for me today was when I got rejected from a temp agency. I get it. I've wasted my twenties by having babies. But look at how good I am at it! I'm a baby making machine!

Since graduating from college with an English degree, I have focused most of my attention on being a stay-at-home mom. But now, six years later, I want to do something different. I'm ready. Next month my kids will be attending school full-time and I am excited to start my career. Unfortunately, the companies I've reached out to seem less excited. What can I do to change their mind?

I've been applying to full-time entry-level positions at publishing companies. But maybe I'm doing it all wrong. I'm completely open to your suggestions. And, of course, your job offers!

POST EDIT: Every week I'll post updates on my job hunt. You might become disenchanted with me on  the first update. But then I'll win you back over on the second update.  And here's my most recent post filled with good news! I can't wait to see where this process takes me! Thanks for the huge response.


location location location

I'm almost positive raising my kids in NYC will have an effect on them. I know it's changing me. But are kids just kids? Will they grow up to be whatever they want to be despite the location they were raised?

I was raised in Florida, on a beautiful lake with the occasional manatee and alligator in my backyard. We  had a canoe, a hammock and a swimming pool for as long as I can remember. I loved it.  I had no complaints, until my teenage years of course. It was then I started to realize I was a city kid. So I sought after the closest city I could find: Sarasota. I loved Burns Court Cinema with it's limited parking lot and foreign films. I adored the museums and dreamt about going to college here.  I found any excuse to go. Even if it was by myself.  Sarasota gave me a slice of the city life I was craving.

What about you? As an adult, are you living in a place much like the location you grew up? Or did you move away someplace totally different? How does it measure up? While I did move far away, there's a familiarity and connection I still have with living by water. I do miss that. Right now my view is the back of another building and some sky if you crank you neck hard enough. Oh my so called "sun drenched" apartment.  I love it for so many other reasons.

I wonder where my kids will escape, what kind of places they will be drawn to live as they get older. As for me, I can't think of living anywhere else but NYC. Not after a summer like this. And it's not even over yet!


Weekend Approved Project:

Let me start by saying thanks to all of those who participated in the last Weekend Project.  I'll keep you updated on the progress here. Five strollers have already arrived at my house!

This weeks project is an easy one: Get a back to school haircut

Here in NYC, we still have a few weeks until the first day of school. Just about the time that haircuts start to look their best in my opinion. In our family, Oscar is the twin that gets a haircut by a barber. It was decided that he would have the longer hair (read more here). Owen gets a buzz cut by dad. Equally as memorable/special to me.

Here's Oscar getting his haircut in a museum-like barber shop in Greenich Village called Moustache: Greenwich Tonsorial. It was great, totally recommend it. The stylizing of the shop couldn't have been better. The haircut was thoughtful. Only downfall? No lollipops and a 1982 edition of Playboy on the coffee table in the waiting area. Nothing I couldn't cover up with my backpack. The lollipops? I always hate the mess any way.  I was apologetic for having all my kids there at first, but everyone (including the owner) made me feel welcome. 

It took me about 10 minutes of picture taking to realize the barber was a total fox. Mommies, here's another reason to take your kids to this barbershop!

Or do you cut your/your kids hair yourself? If so, you're brave! How did you learn? Barbers make it look so easy.


whatever makes my life easier

I've discovered bodysuits for Ella. Both t-shirt and underwear in one. Sold. One less thing I have to dig through the clean laundry basket for. Because by now, everyone should have heard the newest cliche: The prettier the blog, the messier the house. For the past few months, my blog has taken priority over my laundry situation. Lucky you. :) Enjoy the pretty pictures taken on our recent trip to MoMa!  We met up with some old friends who are having the best life ever. Miss you already Raddon girls. Hope you had a fun visit in NYC!  Since coming home and listening some of Ryan's music, I've discovered this post is best viewed with Fire in Your New Shoes playing in the background. Try it and get a multi-media blog experience. This really is turning out to be your lucky day.

She can only keep the serious face for so long.  Monet in the background. 


How to get kissed on top of the Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is known as one of the most romantic places in NYC, but it has to be done just right or else it could feel like any other tourist trap. I went with my kids and parents once. It was fun. But romantic? No way. So last week for our anniversary, I wanted to try it again. And this time, I wanted do things differently to see if the Empire State Building really could be romantic.

1. Timing. This is most important. Go after the crowds die down at 12am. Last elevator up at 1:15am and everything closes at 2am.
2. Bad Weather. Go on a rainy day/cold/imperfect weather day. You'll have the place to yourself. We went on a day that I swore we would cancel due to rain, but right before we went up, the sky cleared.
3. Plan ahead. Buy tickets before you get there and avoid the hassle of waiting in line. Thanks NYCTrip.com for sending me tickets ahead of time! When I got to the building, I felt like Meg Ryan breezing right to the 86th floor at the end of Sleepless in Seattle. She must have planned ahead too. ha
4. Your date. Go with your favorite person in all the world.
5. Wait for right moment. There will be people asking you to take their picture and a few packs of giggling girls, but I promise you'll get a moment that can only be filled with a kiss. Wait for it.
6. Exit Though the Gift Shop. Afterwards, buy something cheesy from the gift shop. We bought an Empire State Building cookie and a coke. When we walked out of the building, we found a bench and tried to look all the way to the top of the building. The cookie was surprisingly good.
7. Flowers. Flowers on the walk home completes the night.  Even if they are carnations.

So did my plan work? Of course. The kiss? As good as any movie. Happy Anniversary Rob. Love you.


Martha Is OVER

Last year I read that quote here and it's stayed with me. Enter Henrietta's Birthday cake. Days later and I still can't stop thinking about it. I wanted details. I found out Aunt Emily made the cake. Uncle Brian was in charge of the icing and strawberries. And little Henrietta did the sprinkles. You guys nailed this Birthday cake. It's a perfect mess.

What do you think? Is Martha really out? Is the messy imperfection look really going to take over? If so, I'm in luck! I can do imperfect!

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