Weekend Approved Project: Toilet Paper Maracas

I'm so lucky to live by a park that has daily art projects. I don't know who's funding this, but thank you! We've gone 3 times this week. Here's the simple project they had the kids making on Thursday.
It's easy. It uses materials from around the house. It can be created quickly.  
(cheers! high fives! cue the mariachi band!)

Materials: Toilet Paper Roll, Paint, Rubber band, Small piece of cloth
1. Paint tube
2. Cover one end of the tube with cloth, fassen with rubberband, and fill with popcorn or whatever. Cover other side with cloth, fassen with rubberband.
3. Test out your maraca
4. Wait for paint to dry and pray that no one confuses your beautiful musical instrument for trash. Especially you Owen. Oh geez. What happened?! Yours got all squished!

So there you have it. I'm off the hook for my second edition of Weekend Approved Project. This is the  ugliest craft you've ever seen? Never. It's sweet!

Hope you have a great Fourth of July Weekend!! I'll be back on Tuesday with a post I've been really excited about. You'll see.  


  1. I have a different (and by different I mean less messy) way to make the same musical insturment--thanks to the people in charge of kids activities at High Line Park. They used a small version of a mailing tube and the kids could fill it with sand, screws, seeds, etc. The mailing tube lids were glued on so the seeds won't come flying out with all that inevitable shaking. To decorate the white tubes, kids made leaf rubbings on paper, then glued the paper on. How's that? Maybe I should start my own blog. Ha ha.

  2. If you made a blog--I would be ur biggest fan. I would even put a few anonymous mean comments to keep it real.

  3. I stumbled across your blog and let me just say...marvelous and inspiring. My husband and I have talked about moving to NYC (we live in San Diego), but I haven't had the courage to do it. Your blog has reminded me to follow my aspirations to just do it. Thanks!

  4. hi Sharon, love your blog and reading your experience of the big apple. I am a fellow stay at home mom in the city, so I have to ask where is that park that have arts every day? who knows we might see you there!

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