Weekend Approved Project: Hopscotch!

While waiting for the Boston Children's Museum to open, we found this beautiful hopscotch board painted outside the building. My kids found small sticks and played the game using the traditional rules. Then I read the sign that the museum posted next to the board. It suggested I call out numbers and see who could land on it first. My kids loved the variation. They stood on the perimeter of the board and waited with anticipation for a number. Here's some other games I made up using this hopscotch board:

1. Call out addition and subtraction problems, see who runs on the correct number first.
2. Shout out colors, have kids run/jump/crawl to it.
3. Yell out an object (frog, a tongue, your favorite color) and have the kids run to coordinating color. Example: Frog = Green.

Once I showed the kids the new variations, I stepped back and had them shout out their own ideas. Owen was particularly excited to order people around.

Fun and easy, right? It would be super easy to recreate this board using sidewalk chalk this weekend. Give it a try! Herehere and here are more variations of hop scotch.  Do you know any others? Please tell!

That's this week's weekend approved project. It's great how these posts keep accidentally falling into place each Friday. I love keeping my eye out.  I definitely would have missed this one had I not committed to a Friday project posting.

Hope you have a good weekend. Come back Monday to hear how this trip to Boston has turned into the Boston Massacre. And! Find out who sneaks away from me, moons the green screen camera at the museum, and gets caught by a security guard. I don't know what to do with that child. Drives me nuts!


  1. i love how bright that board is, so fun! i keep thinking i need to draw one for my son and i to play...maybe this weekend!

  2. we are totally on the same vein. was thinking of creating a huge hopscotch with my gigantic roll of kraft paper this weekend. great ideas for variations!

  3. I love that you caught the converse sneaks in mid hop!

  4. Fun!:) Some other variations I just thought of at 3:35am in the morning (I can't sleep!!!)~Say the numbers in Spanish (or in another language) & have the kids jump/or hop over that number; have the kids play/hop backwards;have them close their eyes and play(if they land outside of the box,they are out;do bubble hopscotch (bring bubbles..whatever number the bubble lands on first,they have to jump on or over);scavenger hunt hopscotch~find a certain number of the same/or themed objects for each box:);Aunt Christine Hopscotch...whatever number they land on, my niece & nephews have to give their Aunt that many hugs!:) Miss them...& you!.
    ~Aunt Christine

  5. Laura: go for it!
    Liz: I can't wait to see ur version
    Rebecca: Thanks--Me too.I was so excited when I saw this picture!
    Christine: Thanks- I looooved all of ur variations. Especially the last one ha What r u doing up so late lady?

  6. I am linking to you for great hopscotch directions! Awesome, thanks. Post will go live 3/29/12. Love your site!



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