Weekend Approved Project: A Block of Ice!

This block of ice was the hit of the Forth of July party. Without exaggeration, the kids had hours of fun with it. All the melting stages led to new games. When it started to break, they made ice daggers. City kids! Always developing their street smart skills. Thanks Emily for making an ice block!

Only thing is, Emily refused to give me her recipe. She told me it was going with her to her grave. Rude.
POST EDIT: Just kidding of course. All she did was pour some water in a plastic tupperware container and put it in her freezer for a few days.  Then she let it defrost for a while so it popped right out.


  1. how fun! the fourth of july is such a rad holiday!

  2. Very fun! I never understand why people take recipes with them to the grave. It makes no sense to me. I'll share any recipe with you -I'm all about spreading the love and good recipes.

  3. wait- you don't just freeze water?

  4. Girl, you need to know how to use eHow:

    By reading this, I'm guessing you can make an ice block by lining a box with a garbage bag, filling it with water and freezing it, and lifting the bag out to release the block. Yes? No?

  5. haha i was just being silly. she just filled up a small tupperware box of water and froze it. simple and easy. i'll edit the post asap.

  6. jeannine: your ice block link looks awesome! do it do it do it

  7. haha..i swear for a few seconds i was like "how come she won't share the recipe"? ..a few seconds!

  8. A fun "icebreaker" (heh) activity that I do with my students is freeze 2 old t shirts into buckets. Then I split them into two groups and whichever team has a member wearing the shirt first wins. It takes longer than expected and requires a lot of logic...plus bravery for the person who actually puts it on!


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