To do in Boston: RUN!

 While walking along the path on the Charles River Esplanade, it was hard not to be inspired by all the runners. They were fast, lean, and beautiful. Even the kids could feel the runner's energy and wanted to join in.  Ella asked me to time her runs. She could go for one minute before taking a break, then she stretched, then would start again. Owen played chicken with one friendly runner. Oscar wanted to win every race.

Sure--we adored doing the classic things like riding the Swan Boats, taking pictures of the Cheers Restaurant, and splashing around the Frog Pond, but running seemed like such an authentic thing to do in Boston that I'm glad we didn't overlook it. I wonder if the runners I saw were training for the Boston Marathon? So many amazing athletes out and about!

My suggestion for your trip to Boston? Pack some running shoes and run/walk along the Esplanade. Who knows, you might be following the same path that running legends have stepped foot on.

Here's some facts about the Boston Marathon for more info about the city's history of running:
*The race started in the year 1897.  It was originally 24.5 miles, but soon after it was expanded to 26.2 miles. 
*The Boston Marathon ranks behind only the Super Bowl as the largest single day sporting event in the world.
*You have to qualify for the race. For example, for my age and gender, I would need at least a 8:25 per mile pace for 2012 Race. The 2013 times are even faster!
*It's held on the third Monday in April. Don't you think watching it live would be a thrill?

The truth about our trip to Boston coming tomorrow. I want to keep up the facade of a blissful life a little longer. Humor me one more day. Or perhaps I'm already starting to forget the worst parts. Memory is so helpful in that way. 


  1. What cute pics!! I'm dying to hear about Boston...

  2. Wow! I can't believe that is the MINIMUM! I couldn't keep that pace for one mile, let alone 26.2 miles of that. What does the winner do, I wonder?

  3. I lived in Boston for a couple of years and is one of my favorite cities! The last time I was there for 6 months I loved running by the Charles River, and I loved how the city is full of young athletes. Is so motivating!

  4. Run,Ella,Run!:) Great pics:)
    ~Aunt Christine


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