Opinion Poll: THE ZOO

 We visited the Bronx Zoo on Wednesday. My kids favorite parts were the butterfly garden, the bug carousel, sharing a huge box of popcorn, and playing on the rocks at the entrance. It was like pulling teeth to show them the big animals. When we finally make it to the large exhibits (thanks to a few Slurpees to lore them) the giraffes were huddled in the corner, as far from the crowds as they could get. The wild African dogs couldn't be found. And the kids were so over it that we didn't even make it to the lions. It made me wonder if the zoos of the future will take a different approach.

The BBC had a new idea and spent years creating the world's largest online zoo. They caught both large and microscopic animals being totally wild, natural, and exciting. It's totally awesome.

I don't think I would miss the large zoo animals (elephants/giraffes/lions) if the smaller animal exhibits (insects/frogs/birds) were done creatively. I also would love to see farm animals being farm animals, so that kids could see where milk comes from and eggs. Horses would be fun! Fish even. What do you think?  Is this all sounding a little too PETA? ha I just want to see interesting animals, not bored caged ones. I see that all day when I look at my kids faces when they watch TV.


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  2. That carousel looks awesome! If they had horses at the zoo, Elliott would be in heaven :)

  3. Can't wait to check out that BBC zoo. I have NEVER taken my 4-yr-old to a real zoo (just Happy Hollow, and Palo Alto Junior Museum). What do you think about that? I wonder if it will be anti-climactic. And, boy, do I know that TV-coma face. So depressing really.

  4. I've taken the kids to Busch Gardens and you're right, they care more about the play area than the animals. What a great idea about the farm animals, I think my kids would get a kick out of that. If they had farm animals at the zoo, they would for sure be having a better life than if they were at a typical farm. (Quite the opposite from the jungle type animals who seem to be having a worse life at the zoo than if they were in the wild.)

  5. Don't give up on zoos! I am guessing you just haven't been to a great zoo yet. We have a WONDERFUL zoo in Memphis. It is one of our very favorite things to do. Willa and all the other little kids and all of the adults I know here LOVE our zoo. -Lindsay


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