My First Guest Post: Uncle Brian

(Brian 10 years ago)
I first met Brian ten years ago in college. He was in a band with my husband and they rocked out Johnny Cash cover songs. My first visit to Brain's apartment was for a memorial service he held for Joey Ramone. A group of us watched Rock 'n' Roll High School, lit candles, had a moment of silence, then heard from those who had seen the Ramones live.   Brian now lives in Harlem with his wife and his daughter. We lovingly refer to him and his family as the "Cousins in Harlem".

In fear that I'm taking myself too seriously, Brian has generously poked fun at my blog in his guest post. He also included a list of ideas to make the most out of life in NYC. Let's welcome Uncle Brian.
(Brian Today.)

I also plan on taking the summer of 2011 seriously. I’m going to wake up every morning at 6:45
sharp, do some crisp, energizing calisthenics, and be sitting at my computer by 6:59 to read
Sharon’s 7:00 a.m. daily posts.

NYC Taught Me illustrates how much our fair city has given Sharon and her family. They’ve
remembered pencils (those novel trinkets from yesteryear), learned to decorate a hallway,
discovered diverse types of chairs, created tips for dressing kids so they don’t look like kids, and
explored the world of paper hats that are more like opera glasses than real hats. The fantasies
presented here are real. This family is living THE DREAM.

While their lives are a contemporary manual on “keeping up with the Joneses,” just a few things
are missing. I offer some suggestions. This is my list of The Top 5 Things NYC Taught Me
Should Teach You Soon:

The Top 5 Things NYC Taught Me Should Teach You Soon

5. Experience New York in a Car (taxis not included)
There are so many ways to see The City and a car is one of the best! Driving here is not as scary
as anyone says it is and parking can be easy. If you don’t have a car borrow one or get a Zip Car.

4. Bitch and Moan!
New Yorkers love to whine and complain and be rude to each other. I do not encourage infusing
your life with negativity, but sometimes it feels great to let it all out. Also, if someone is pissing
you off let them hear it—this is part of being a New Yorker.

3. Grow Something
The climate in New York is great for growing things and finding a space is easy too. Start with
your windowsill, contact your neighborhood association and plant something around the trees on
the sidewalk, work with a neighborhood school or hijack a little space in a park (no one will stop
you). I swear it’s possible, I’ve done all of these things in the last two weeks.

2. Get a Toy Camera
New York City looks great in pictures. Toy cameras offer a variety of quirky effects to your
pictures. Start with The Lomography Store and then explore from there. There are tons of awesome cameras and film types to play around with.

1. Listen to WNYC, 93.9 fm
WNYC is imperative. This American Life is only one of many many amazing programs. You
should be listening to Radiolab, The Brian Lehrer Show, The Leonard Lopate Show, Fresh Air
with Teri Gross, On the Media, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, The Sound of Young America and the
list goes on and on and on. Listen on a real radio too, give your computer a break!

Thanks Brian! Readers: Have a toy camera? Growing something? Bitch and Moan? I like that some of the things on his list can be enjoyed anywhere. The idea that anyone can have a slice of NYC in their hometown makes me happy.


  1. I like #3! The picture of him on the horse is funny.

  2. This is why I adore Brian!
    Love you both!!! :)

  3. great posting NY style. Does it come deep dish? with Brian/Brain i am sure it does. I feel that i can do these things west coast style too. thanks for the tips. i'll pretend i'm in NY while i hit Hollywood and vine! PS how are the Hanukkahs there? i have always wanted to celebrate Hanukkah in New York. Some day.....

  4. Classic Brian...great pics, old and new! -Liz B.


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