Ella at the Plaza: The After Party

After we had tea, we walked downstairs to the Eloise Store. Sometimes they close sections off for private parties, but on a random Wednesday from 6-7pm, it was empty! It was as if I had rented out the entire place for the girls!  I absolutely recommend going down and playing with all of the display toys. It's amazing. Here's what they did:

They played pink Schoenhut's baby grand piano on the stage. They adored opening and shutting the bright pink curtains between each performance.
They baked a cake in Eloise's tea room.
And then watched TV and enjoyed "park views" in Eloise's reading room. There is also a powder room with four mini vanities that I forgot to take a pictures of. We sampled the lotion of course.

For a store with such crazy prices (hats for $200, sweaters for $150), there was a few surprisingly affordable gifts. A fancy umbrella sold for $12 and the chef hats for $8. No matter what your budget, you'll find a cute keepsake from the store. Go! 


  1. These pictures are so sweet. I love the party you picked for her, you are such a thoughtful mom. Random thought, but talking to you and hearing Rob's voice in the background the other day on the phone really made me miss you guys. :(


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