Coney Island

 I loved our visit Coney Island so much. My pictures are good albeit a bit diluted. If you can imagine, in real life it was even more colorful and magical. Here's some pictures of us taking a ride in the famous Wonder Wheel. Bonus: The red and blue carts swing just enough to scream with fear! It was such a thrill. Dan Zanes introduced us to this ride in his song Wonder Wheel a few years ago. What happened to his sweet stop motion music video of the song? I've looked for it online and it's disappeared. We used to watch it on the Disney Channel.
 While I can tell parts of Coney Island have been cleaned up and even some new sections have been added, it still has enough of the old kitchy stuff to make me feel all nostalgic.  Remember Zoltar Speaks from Big? It's looks too new, but still cool. 

For a summer that I wrote off going to the beach, I was surprised to find a beach that is so accessible. My favorite was when Ella said, "Am I the only one with blond hair at the beach?" haha We're not in California anymore!

The train ride wasn't so bad. Take the Q at 42nd and you'll be there in about 45 minutes. PS We didn't want to wait inline for a famous Nathan's hotdog. Instead we got grilled corn on the cob, hot dogs, and drinks from a local vender. Delicious, quick, and cheap!

Hip Hip Hooray for Coney Island!! Are there some other beaches I should be visiting? Is there a family who would like to invite us to their place in the Hamptons? Chauffeur included?

More pictures of our day here.


  1. The first pictures is incredible! I need to take the trip out there this summer (I'm in North Jersey... :) )

  2. Oooh, I love Coney Island! How fun. You might want to take a ferry over to Sandy Hook in NJ. That could be a great outing for the kids.

  3. I would suggest Sandy Hook as well (here's a post from a ferry ride last year--and we went again on this past Monday via car and posted, too: http://www.hitherandthither.net/2010/08/daytrip-sandy-hook-nj.html).

    By the way, I love your site (and my girlfriend at work, who has twins, is hooked now too)! My husband and I moved out here from CA a few years ago and your discoveries and adventures feel so akin...

  4. looks so fun! great pics!

  5. Such a colorful, happy looking day!

  6. Another awesome picture of Ella (the other pics are great too)! Looks super fun!...too bad we live so far away. One day, I really want to visit NY and all the surrounds it. You guys are so lucky!

  7. we always loved going out to far rockaway. it was a great beach and less crowded than others. i love reading your blog--but it does make me miss living in ny :)

  8. Long Beach. Just a 45 minute train ride from Penn Station and surprisingly nice/clean. And not too crowded, especially on a weekday.

  9. Thanks everyone for the suggestions!! When I go to those beaches, I'll make sure you all get the credit.


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