Boston: The Truth

Boston was a disaster. I adored the city. But my kids? Horrible monsters! Sadly, much like this post, the pictures do not show the reality of the situation. Here's ten questions I was forced to ask myself while visiting this beautiful city:

1. So, some people actually plan on three kids? Or worse, four?

2. Will my kids ever stop fighting over my iphone/a seat in the stroller/dad's coke/my attention?

3. What is the deal with Oscar pooping in his pants? Everyday?

4. Why can't Ella pick a horse on the carousel? Now she's crying/pacing. She's getting off before it starts? It's shouldn't be this complicated!

5. Why didn't we bring a full-time nanny?

6. Maybe if we stay one more day, it will get better? Big Mistake.

7. Where's Owen? Where's Oscar? Where's Ella? Where's Owen? Where's Owen? 

8. OWEN! Why are you mooning the camera? Again?!

There's two more but I'm not brave enough to post them. I'll tell you the next time I see you. 

I'll end with this gaudy close up picture of the Swan Boats. I adore it. It's perfectly out of place and makes the trip seem totally worth it.


  1. Why do we even leave the apartment? Oh yeah, because staying home can be even worse. One of my good friends always says, "Kids are jerks." I echo that sentiment.

  2. Oh my...I love to hear that other parents ask themselves these same questions! We have two great girls but, some days...a mother is forced to ponder these questions.

  3. thanks for the genuine post. motherhood is wonderful but oh boy does it totally blow sometimes!

  4. oooooh, what are the other two questions??? They're probably too old to give up for adoption. You could always start beating them. School starts September 7th!

  5. Haha, I love how pictures can be so deceiving (I always feel so insecure // inadequate when I see perfect pics online, so it's realllly nice to read this...an honest, real post! Thanks!! And lol to Brian's comment.

  6. You take kids (or most anyone) out of their "comfort zone" and you suffer the consequences....but, when you look back, you will find it was worth it! really, truly, I am speaking from the other side of parenting, and those awful horrible terrible times, become your wonderful memories....sounds impossible, I know, but its TRUE and the kids will remember them too, and you will laugh til you cry....

  7. 3 cheers for keeping real! Can't wait to hear the last two. :)

  8. Great post. My kids make me laugh, cry and often make me want to hide. At least I know now I'm not alone.


  9. I'll cheer to that,Abbie:)LOL I could not stop laughing while reading this...I kept thinking...boy,I have been there,done that....and still doing it!!:)LOL Great post! Keepin' it real!....Sharon,text me the last two asap! I am want to hear what my niece & nephews are up to!:)LOL
    Your Sista (Christine)

  10. I really appreciate your honesty. I am aware that there are amazing, beautiful, and utterly unique experiences that come with having kids but am glad to hear about the other side of it as well. My girlfriend once told me "No one will ever love your child as much as you do. And no one will ever be so irritated by your child as much as you." I guess that will always be true!

  11. Hi Sharon! It was great meeting you and your family on the train up to Boston. Too funny that they were all little monsters, didn't expect that from what I saw on the train! We had a great time in Cambridge, but Quinn did spend his naptime (everyday) jumping from bed to bed shouting "to infinity and beyond!" for an hour+ Then we would leave the hotel and after 10 minutes he would fall asleep in his stroller.
    Will email you soon to plan a day to play!

  12. traveling puts me in a funk as well. i would assume you multiply the funk by 10 for children. don't beat yourself up too much. see you tomorrow dear!

  13. I get so mad when I really go out of my way to do something nice for my boys and they act like total brats. You'll laugh at this Boston trip someday, if not already.

  14. ugh..i get a bit of anxiety when reading this! haha!

  15. I love the reality posts. "kids are jerks" love it, so funny and true. And call me I must hear the hidden 2, and I want an update.

  16. People thought I was evil for not wanting to take our two kids with us on a family reunion style trip to Disneyworld...so much so that I couldn't get a dang sitter for the week.

    We took the kids.

    I stand by my urge to leave them home.

    They were turds. Even in the happiest place on earth.

    P.S. I still love those little turds to the moon and back. I just don't love travelling with them.

  17. Thank you all for such wonderful comments!! It was so nice to seem them come in my inbox through out the day. :)

  18. This is comforting, Sharon. I only have one, but I definitely have similar days.


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