The Bloggy Party

The people at the party last night were interesting and welcoming. I admire their work tremendously. The whole time I was feeling a mix bag of emotions. Part lucky to be invited. Very lucky actually. Part comfortable. Part dorky. Part funny, although not as much as I was hoping. And I felt overly dressed. Near the middle, I was looking around for the swimming pool and diving board to show everyone my fancy skills I had just practiced last weekend. And say, "Look at me! Look at Me! I can do other things besides raise kids, clean the house, and then blog about it! Check out my amazing swan dive!" But, alas, Joanna didn't have an indoor pool in her West village apartment. So when the conversations were about schools and baby names, I was ON! But when it switched to design and the best stores in Brooklyn to find maps, flowers, armoires, etc, I didn't contribute much of anything. But I loved listening and hearing about it!

As I was walking out of the subway on my way home, I couldn't help but second guess myself and who I had become over the past 6 years. I wish I was a little bit more like the people at the party. They seemed so with it and cool.  There was something about having three kids in my twenties that has killed all the cool in me. I've met people that have been able to resist it. Oh to be one of them :)

Then I walked passed this poster of Molly Ringwald. Her dress and shoes oddly resembled the ones I was wearing.  And that's when I knew it was going to be ok: I just have to work my Molly Ringwald angle and strengths. You know what I mean? Like in the beginning of Pretty in Pink, you see her being very motherly to her dad. Making him coffee, getting him out to bed, motivating him. And then he admires her dress. She tells him that the shoes are thrifted and she made the rest.  She's kind of nerdy--yes. But also totally awesome. Watch it here.

While I didn't make the entire dress I was wearing to the party, me and my friend spent considerable time finding just the right buttons and texting each other back and forth about how we wanted the dress to be changed. We had a few fittings. She did all the work and I really liked it, and even got a few compliments on it at the party, but looking around, I knew. It wasn't very cool. Pretty Sunday dress? Yes. Hip West Village dress? It was not.  My shoes were thrifted.

After walking past the poster of Molly Ringwald, I turned around, pulled out my bulky camera and took some pictures of it. These pictures were the only ones I took all night. While I made some great new friends at the party, it was the fictional version of Molly Ringwald who had the biggest influence on me .  Here's to you Molly Ringwald. The 80's edition. Only.  Thanks for making it ok to be nerdy and flowery and awkward and sweet. You too Claire Danes. But that's another day, another set of insecurities, another obsession.


  1. There are enough "cool" people in the world. We need more compassionate, motherly, hard-working types :) I'm sure they loved you!

  2. oh sharon, us upper west siders can't keep up with those west villagers.

  3. Your honesty is refreshing and the time you took making your dress is really sweet.

    Now for the million dollar question... There were cool people at a Mommy Bloggy party?? The whole thing sounds nerdy and flowery and awkward and sweet. You are a sweetheart and I'm sure it showed!

  4. Did you read my post about cool people? Embrace your nerdiness! I think the dress is fab, but I'm not one bit cool, so take it for what it's worth... ;)

  5. P.S. I saw that poster and totally want to go to that John Hughes festival--want to go?

  6. You should have included the belt in the pictures. Trust me everyone--the belt made the dress look WAY cooler. And Sharon looked great with vibrant red lipstick and just-the-right-kind-of-messy hair. Pictures of Molly Ringwald? Forget it! We should have taken a picture of you!

  7. I can definitely relate with that feeling! But man, designing wine labels..that'd make me feel like a dork too.

    My dream would be to come visit you and Rob in NYC...two of the coolest people I know. SERIOUSLY! And I'm not just saying that to make you feel better. Your style, photography, interior design, writing ability...I wanna soak it all up.

  8. I think this post sums up why we hit it off so well. I'm a giant nerd (and proud of it!). And like Andrea said, there are enough cool people in the world. We need more genuine, fun, REAL people. And you are.

  9. btw, not calling those cute ladies un-genuine or fake. Just sayin' rock what you've got and show who you are:)

    the end.

  10. Just promise me that you will NEVER change who you are or your blog. I've been reading another one of the girls blogs who went to the party with you. Since she moved back to the city and had a baby she has changed. Changed so much that I don't like reading her anymore. I never thought NYC could change a girl so much. You're 'nerdiness' is so refreshing. You're honesty is what makes you the best writer out there. Don't stop being honest. Telling the truth sets you miles ahead of the other blogs out there. Why? Because it proves that your ego, image, and identity is not what is most important to you. Thanks for writing the best blog out there today! You are one chica I would like to meet for sure hang out with. You also portray a true image of motherhood which i love! Motherhood for most girls is not about shopping all day! Kids fight, and moms struggle to have good days. Thanks for putting the word out that motherhood is not always about walking around the UWS shopping, eating out, taking pictures of yourself and kid, tweeting, and obsessing about your looks. You are my hero!
    p.s. don't be to hard on yourself about your dress. I'm sure you looked beautiful. Style is about not looking like all the other girls. Your goal should be to not look like you're following the trends to hardcore, but following them enough to be setting your own sense of style. Well it worked. I want a dress like the one above now!

  11. You're awesome.

    Often times I feel the same way, but then I look around at my cozy apartment, my sexy husband, my beautiful baby boy, and maaaaaaan! We've got it made!

    Sometimes, when I'm feeling particularly down, and it's one or two people that made me feel that way, I jump up onto my piano bench (a chair would work), throw my hands in the air, and yell, "She's crrrrraaaaaaaaazyyyyyy!" It totally works for me.

  12. I think you're awesome and I think your outfit was great. Don't 2nd guess yourself. You're fantastic just the way you are and I love those thrifted shoes. I have some similar but they're 7.5's - too small. Ow!

  13. You looked gorgeous! And it was so nice to meet you, albeit briefly! Hope to cross paths again... When there isn't an 11 day old circling the block! :)

    Ashley (hitherandthither.net)

  14. Oh my gosh Sharon you ooze charm, style & coolness! I'm surprised you've ever felt otherwise. Glad you had a lovely time at the party, I was looking forward to hearing how it went. Very cute outfit, I'm sure you looked beautiful. And I adore Molly Ringwald, so cheers to you both!

  15. Wow! just read all these comments. thanks-- you guys are so supportive. :)

    just to be clear: everyone there was sooo nice. And I promise my insecurities didn't prevent me from having a great time at the party. it was a totally fun night :)

  16. Sharon, even as a newlywed in the studio apartment in Hawaii I thought you had class & style. Even if you look up to a bunch of other people just know that there's a bunch of us still looking up to you!

  17. I'm late to commenting on this, but I think your dress was lovely and nerds really are the best. My college roommate once wrote a card to me and he signed it "Nerds 4 Evaaaa!" which was really nerdy but awesome at the same time. I'm loving your blog!

  18. You are great, Sharon! I read you everyday. Greetings from Argentina :)

  19. I just found you recently, and immediately I liked the blog. Now that I found and read this post, I know why. Your blog is refreshing, after reading blog after blog of hipster mamas in the city that I can't identify with. I don't know them, and sure, they can be superbly awesome in real life, but the persona that transpires from the blogs I just can't relate to. Kudos to you!

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