Blog in the Spotlight & Weekend Approved Project

Here's a bonus and rare Saturday post! A few things:

1. Check it out: The only picture ever taken where I'm prettier than Ella! That little stink always stealing my spotlight. ha

2. I was so excited to see that Sarah Bryden-Brown critiqued my blog! Go check it out here. Do you agree with her? I do! Watch out for some changes soon. I'm looking for a designer to sponsor the changes. Email me if interested.

3. Last week I forgot to write a Weekend Approved Project. But not this week thanks to BlogstarBlogstar has teamed up with Kirsty.com and Giggle.com to produce 10 Simple Sunday Afternoon Crafts. Go check it out. My favorite is the Silk Screen Pillowcases. What's your favorite? Which project should I test first?

4. This is not a sponsored post. I just really like all that stuff. And mostly I've been waiting for any excuse to put that picture of me up. Again. Oh! One more thing. I got a $10 coupon  when I signed up for Giggle Daily Deals.  I wonder what I'll buy? I'll keep you posted.

Happy weekend! :)


  1. I liked the Paint Chip Mobile. I don't sew, but it's cute! You do look really pretty in this picture. So relaxed for having 3 kids climbing on you.

  2. You look so beautiful in this picture. I'm excited to get caught up on your blog now that we're back in the same city... reading your posts just made me homesick while I was out west.

    Let's get together and shoot sometime this week!

  3. What a great critique (and an honor, right?) - and can't wait to see changes!! Also, you are beautiful!


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