Weekend Approved Project: Photo Booth Hats

On Fridays I'll test out some of the DIY projects I find on my favorite blogs. I'll give you the heads up on some of the problems/successes I have while making the crafts.  I would take my advice pretty seriously: I'm about as uncrafty as it gets. And I have proof.

Today, I did a test run on the Photobooth Props #2 Set from Oh Happy Day.  I cut out the free printable props and glued them to sticks. Oscar is the real reason behind this activity. He saw the post on Thursday and has been nagging me for the police officer hat ever since. My favorite was when he told me he didn't want the stick attached. I had to explain to him that the hat was made out of paper and has to be held up with a stick. Poor guy thought it was a real hat! Finally he accepted that it was going to be made out of paper and was excited about it again.

Here's what I learned when I finally succumbed to Oscar's whining and made the props. Before reading my tips, it might be helpful to glance over the complete instructions first

1. 110 lb card stock is fine. No need to use foam core if you're doing it for a casual setting like home.
2. Use a glue gun.  Easier than tape.
3. Buy a few yard-length dowels at the hardware store. I cut them down myself with regular scissors. I'm only adding this tip because it seems like NYC has a hardware store on every corner.
4. No official party/photo booth required. A rainy/lazy day with no real plans could be reason enough. I loved that these props turned the night into an instant party. It was a fun way to entertain the kids while Grandpa and Grandma made a fabulous dinner.
5. Total cost for me: $15. I printed everything at FedEx Office, bought an exacto knife, and the dowels. See? Proof that I'm uncrafty. I don't even own a printer! Or an exacto knife!
6. Total Time: About one hour.

This is one of those low effort, big results projects. I say with 100% certainty: Download the FREE printable and give this project a try this weekend. I want to take the props with us to the park tomorrow. Why not? Thanks Jordan!  Question: Are you taking requests? I'm hoping you'll do a NYC themed Photobooth Props Set next. Like the Statue of Liberty, Chrysler building, a Yankees baseball cap, King Kong, etc. I have the models! And the exacto knife!

And finally, a picture of Oscar in his beloved police officer hat:

 By the look on his face, it was worth the wait. I can't wait to try out another project next Friday. I hope it will be this easy. Have you seen a project in the blog world that looks easy and has big results? Links please! I have no idea what my project will be next week. I just made this Weekend Project post up on the fly. Helllp!


  1. Love it! - Danny

  2. baby picture are so cute..........

  3. Awesome idea. Too bad I don't have ac color printer. I don't own an exacto knife either, just a box cutter. I'll try to send some good ideas your way - I see lots of great DIY crafty projects that I never try. I'm not so crafty either. Have you heard of The Crafty Crow blog?

  4. These are so fun! I used Jordan's first set of props for a photo booth...but need an excuse to use these :)

  5. your daughter is too good a poser!! what a GREAT activity - a good one for adults too!


  6. AWW! That is sooooo cute!

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