Visit Rainbow City before it blows away!

Welcome to Rainbow City! It's free. It's not just for kids!
Quick Facts :
What: Pretty jump houses and air-filled sculptures 
When: Now until July 5th (click here for hours, opened until 10 or 11pm every night!)
Where: 30th St and 10th Ave
Why: In celebration of the opening of section two of High Line Park
Food: There's about 6 food trucks on the lot. I recommend the nachos and tacos from the Kamichi Taco Truck
Bathrooms: A row of port-a-potties with antibacterial gel and hand washing stations for that great outdoor concert feel. 
go. NOW. go!
 if i knew how to make this text blink i would. instead i'll use this ridiculous color combo.
 go. NOW. go!

These are the faces of kids playing at Rainbow City:
This is the face of a kid who has been told, "It's time to go home."
I can't wait to go back. 


  1. Funny you posted this today- we just went this morning and loved it. Let's go back together!


  2. My friend just sent me a link to this. I hadn't heard of this. We're definitely going. Thanks for the idea.

    Ps cute blog!

  3. EEEK! Google search, girl!

  4. This looks super fun! We're heading to NYC next week. I want to bounce along the water!


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