Bite your nails? Suck your thumb? Pee your pants? I can help!

I've simplified sticker charts by eliminating the sticker part. Stickers are just something else I'll loose or run out of or forget to buy. Too much work. This is how we do it:
1. We all set one goal for ourselves.
2. Every most night, we sit down at our pretend Secret Cafe, eat dessert, and fill in our charts.
3. When someone completes their chart, I have him/her walk to the fridge, and I do a small interview. They love this. I asked them, "Was this a difficult goal to complete?" "How did you do it?!" etc.
4. Round of applause and presentation of a prize.

My kids are so forgiving at my drawing abilities. Ella's caught on because she only requests simple shapes. The boys however! I can't even remember what those creatures on Owen's chart are suppose to be (above). But look at his face! So proud. Last night he wanted me to draw a bunch of people underwater getting eaten by sharks. Done.

Successes from this method: Ella stopped sucking her thumb and biting her nails. The boys got potty trained. When Ella stopped biting her nails, I took her for a mani/pedi. When Owen and Oscar got potty trained they won those Batman and Superman shirts that they wear almost everyday. Seen here, here, and here.

Rob and I join in on the goal making too. My goal was to stop yelling at my kids. But then after listening to a fabulous episode of This American Life, I changed my goal to going to sleep by 10:30pm. It's currently 11:41pm. Goal charts are obviously not the way I'm motivated to do things. But it makes the kids feel better when they see that mom fails too. Over and over again.

Take a wild guess what Rob's goal was (below in blue). Do you know how long it took him to go 7 days without drinking a Coke? A month.


  1. So funny, I was talking about this with a friend this morning. Doing this really helped her when she had a baby and her then 3 years old daughter was jealous and behaving bad. She said that it changed the family dynamic almost instantly! Don't think my 13 mo baby is ready for this but I'm bookmarking it for the future ;)

  2. I got to draw him a shark getting his teeth brushed. It made my week.

  3. I love this! I think we will set some goals tonight. Thanks Sharon.

  4. Funny, this was my last blog post, a star chart! Ours is a little different but it is the greatest way to get kids excited to accomplish various tasks...and to learn to earn rewards!

  5. Fantastic! If you ever hold a "drawing from within" workshop, I'm there.


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