Rob snatched up five dining chairs on craigslist. A fancy design firm was redecorating and wanted to get rid the chairs for $30. Total. $6 each. They usually sell new for $260 each! The only thing that worries me is that they woman at the firm said she couldn't even give them away to the designers. They didn't want them! Could this be the end of the mid-century modern fad for awhile? Who cares, we love them.
Our second score this week comes from a friend who is moving to San Francisco. I really wanted a small table for the kids room and she just so happened to be getting rid of hers. Check it out. It's already gotten lots of love the first day at our house. New at Ikea the table sells for $50 and the chairs are $25 each. We got it for free. The husband looked at me like I had a booger on my face when I tried to offer him twenty bucks for the set.

Have you gotten any good deals lately? I want to see. I love a good deal. Send me your links!!


  1. Oh! funny I just posted my garage sale finds this week on my blog! You can check it out if you like... http://petitapetitandfamily.blogspot.com/2011/06/summergarage-sales.html
    Nothing was over 4$!!!!
    By the way I just fell on your blog somehow and really love it! I really wish I could move to NYC...

  2. Wow those are GREAT deals, I love those chairs! And really like your new layout ;) Have a great weekend!

  3. Wow, what a great find...I'm jealous!!!! I found an awesome chair today at one of my local thrift stores - I'm posting about it tomorrow :)

  4. Wow, if you ever change your mind about those dining chairs, I'd love to buy from you!


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