Doppelganger Alert

A close second to the same old same old twin questions, I get asked if I think Ella looks like a young Reese Witherspoon. After looking at these pictures, I have to say that she does (a little). Just don't tell her she's pretty. This article will tell you why.

Ella's doppelganger is much better than mine. In high school I got Chelsea Clinton and Joan Osborne. Yikes! Perming my hair wasn't helping my case. Do you have a doppelganger? Remember when Facebook had doppelganger week a while back? Who did you put as your profile pic? I put Joan Osborne. The prettier of my two of course.

I couldn't resist putting my High School look a like. Check out my perm. I tried to down play my perming habits because it was '99, and even by that time, perms were totally out. But I liked it. 


  1. Wow, your daughter does resemble Reese Witherspoon!!! For the first time in my life people have recently been telling me I look like Kate Middleton. I'll take that one, I guess ;)

  2. Rebecca: Now that is a doppelganger worth bragging about!

  3. Oddly enough, I get Reese Witherspoon all the time, mostly from audience goers of shows I'm in. For Doppelganger week, I put up an old Faye Dunaway pic. The resemblance still makes me do a double take sometimes.

  4. I thought that the other day when I bumped into Ella, Rob and the boys in the lobby! She does look like a young R.W.! If I had a dollar for every time someone said I look like Mariah Carey. I don't see it though.

  5. She does look like Reese, so pretty. I get Julie Andrews.... when I was younger I used to sometimes get Victoria Beckham, I suppose if I loose those extra 20 pounds of baby weight and get a tan I might hear it again?

  6. Ella really does look like her:) Mom always thought I looked like Molly Ringwald & Princess Diana growing up. I don't think I really look like anyone famous anymore. What do you think? I think K looks like the Wendy's Girl,Anne of Green Gables,& Laura Ingalls:)

  7. Nobody. No one has EVER told me that I look anybody else. I'm feeling left out...
    Love the perm.

  8. I got sucked into perm-land in high school also. Changed my hair texture forever. Bleh.

    I think yours is cute, though! Not huge like mine.

  9. Your new doppelganger needs to be Lauren Hutton.

  10. mmm now that you point that out, she does look a little liker her. Loved reading that article, mind blowing actually..

  11. Hailey: haha I saw that pic of Faye in your FB account and really thought it was you!
    Jodi: I just googled "pictures of Mariah" and yes--you both have the same smile! I get it.
    Pepper: that's because you are practically perfect in every way. I see it.
    Christine: Yes--all your Kaityln doppelgangers are spot on!!
    Corinne: maybe catherine keener? i tried.
    Andrea: glad to know I'm not the only one
    Sarah: I'll take it!
    Gaby: What's your favorite book? ha

  12. I don't quite agree with the article. NEVER complimenting a girl on her looks seems about as extreme as ONLY focusing on her looks (think Toddlers in Tiaras or other such craziness). Moderation, people. I like intelligent conversation, and I like to be told I look great. I don't think I'm destroying my daughter's self-worth and mental capacity by telling her how beautiful she is.

  13. Wow, it takes guts to put up a HS pic. Definitely won't find me doing that. I got A to Z on the doppelganger -- Madonna and Kirstie Alley were 2 interesting/flattering ones. Not seeing it? Yeah, me neither. That last post wasn't THAT sappy. It will be weird to leave behind my SAHM days (someday) as well. Can't really imagine it. I kind of hate working. He he.

  14. hahaha...perms! I remember mine!
    I get a lot of people telling me i look like someone they know. even little kids have said stuff like 'nurse!' or 'zia'! (that means aunt). When i was younger..like 19..people said julia roberts...no way on that!
    Ever since She's All That and Josie and the Pussycats came out...so many peeps said Rachael Leigh Cook. Uma Therman. Juliette Lewis. and others...i don't really see it..but strangers tell me this. and strangers are always interested to know my nationality. I'm Italian...but get russian and polish a lot! weird that i seem look like everyone and their mother?!?

  15. omg..just read the comments and yah..I've been told i look like the Wendy's girl too!?!

  16. Love this post, your little one is beautiful! xo Shannon

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