Our new downstairs den

I hate to be vain enough to think that I'm the first person to discover the downstairs den to Hill Country Chicken, but I'm going to anyway. Did you discover it too? Things I love about it: spotless, spacious, has tons of board games, light brights, ice cold air conditioning, clean bathrooms, cosy lighting. I'll be back again on the hottest day of summer for some delicious fried chicken and apple pie and good times. 


  1. how funny! i went to hill country chicken just yesterday evening for the first time and the basement was a such a sweet surprise! i loved all the retro games they had down there, but i think my favorite part was how empty it was!

  2. brigid: yeah, it was totally empty when i was there too! such a surprise and relief.

  3. ok. i have to subscribe to you. great ideas! you're adding to my bucketlist big time. so don't be surprised if we end up doing everything you've done that we' haven't. yay for idea sharing (and mommy poppins!)


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