Improv Everywhere video has been posted!

It's up! Oscar didn't make the cut (see why below), but Owen shows up 1.4 minutes into the clip. But wait! I'm in there too. Look behind the trumpet player on his last notes. I'm sitting at the table behind his left arm. A dot really. But it's me!

Here's the insiders scoop on how they made the skit:
1. There was three groups of kids. Owen and Oscar were in the first group. We all waited outside the NYC library so the kids couldn't see all the cameras/actors. The kids had no idea what was about to happen when we walked up to the carousel. I was sworn to secrecy. On my life. Or something similar in legal terms.
2. They rode the carousel and looked confused. Oscar to this day thinks that if he goes back to Bryant Park, it will have the same racing day excitement. I'll have to prepare him for a huge let down.
3. After the ride was over, we had some sandwiches at 'wichcraft and played in the fountain.
4. We walked back to watch the last round. I knew it was going to be the one they kept. It was the third time the comedians had practiced and the skit ran really smooth. And that kid who won was really cute.

Look! He was riding the winning animal! But unfortunately, they didn't pick the bunny to win during his round. Boo. That's why he wasn't in the video. It wouldn't have made sense.   
 If you scroll all the way down Improv Everywhere's website, you can see Owen holding a trophy in the air with pride. And good 'ol Oscar made into into the Flickr stream.

It was fun. Thanks Michelle for the heads up!


  1. I LOVE IT. Did you know it's MY GOAL IN LIFE to part of Improv Everywhere?! I received that email from them, but alas don't have kids. Maybe next time. What a fun concept, it looks like everyone had a blast! I love that the kid says "because I wanted it too" as his reason for winning. Hysterical. And you guys are officially super stars.

  2. Oh my goodness, the cuteness! What a magical experience.

  3. I love how Owen looks back at him like "What the.." hahaa

  4. I love this:) How cute!:) I ♥ NY!!!:):)


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