Escapes in NYC

 Awhile ago I took a day date with Rob. On our walk, we stumbled into the massive Cathedral Church of St. John Divine. It was the perfect escape in this loud crazy city. And my loud crazy kids. It just so happened to have a high school group from Texas singing hymns. It was such an unexpected moment that I cried by the time they finished their first song! Motherhood has made me such a cry baby.

We went back today to show Grandma and Grandpa. It was their first day in NYC. Although we started them off with a couple of NYC classics like The Museum of Natural History and Tom's Restaurant (Grandma is a huge Seinfeld fan), the Cathedral was also a magnificent place to visit. It's grand, the garden is beautiful, it's unexpected. Tour groups do stop by (as we were leaving, a bus pulled up), but both times I went, it was just as it trying to be: Divine! Even when my kids were inside.
My pictures in noway do this place justice. The indoor length is two football fields long. The stain glass is unbelievable.  Once inside, you'll feel like you're in a different country and century. Love it.  My favorite was listening to Owen and Oscar try to whisper. Three year olds whispering. Oh geez. They were still so loud, but almost got it! Strained shouting would better describe their whispering abilities.


  1. I know I've been there before, but what an immense city New York is. To just "stumble upon" a church that is two football fields in length is crazy! How hard it must have been for those boys to hold it in. Can you imagine the echo in that place?? I bet they did and thought "When I grow up, I'm going to come back here and yell."

  2. haha totally--you nailed it. i remember thinking at our church growing up! and it was tiny compared to this.

  3. this is my favourite church in NYC, my husband(then boyfriend) and I would have many evenings eating at Tom's Diner then take a walk down the street to that church. Good memories :)

  4. Motherhood has made me a crybaby as well. Love St. Johns. Right there in the middle of it all.


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