Dressing Toddlers: Father's Day Edition

On Monday night, Uncle Nick met us right after work at Brooklyn Bridge Park. While he was playing with my kids, I realized I loved what he was wearing.  It gave me an idea: I could put together a father/son outfit for Father's Day. So I roped him into posing for these pictures. Thanks for being a good sport Nick!  

It doesn't get any more classic then a blue shirt, black shoes, black pants. But with the right fit and style, it looks totally modern. Here's how to make it work on your toddler:

1. Blue Shirt (Take tie off. Or not!): JCPenney $12.99 
3. Shoes: Shoes.com $65.00 (get 15% off by using promo code: 15off) 
4. Suit Trousers: Zaras $39.90 

  My kids adore you Uncle Nick! Congratulations on your engagement to Whitney. She's wonderful!

I think it's great when my boys dress like their dad or his cool friends.
Click here to see a more casual look I did last week.   

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