Cheering Section Take Two

Tomorrow is Ella's kindergarten graduation celebration. Among other things like learning how to read and write, she has been practicing endlessly on a dance to It's Time for Africa (aka Waka Waka! ha). Her entire class will be preforming it on stage. She can't wait to show us. Grandpa and Grandma are even out here. Only problem is: she was sick alllll day today. I kept her home from school for a quick recovery. I'm hoping she's better tomorrow! Cheer for her! Or donate money to the kids missing their kindergarden graduation celebration fund. I'm sure there's one somewhere. Find it and then donate.


  1. Cant get over how your daughter looks exactly like Reese Witherspoon! Did anybody ever tell you that? :)

  2. Does Ella have any desire to model or act? She's such a beauty and so very photogenic!

  3. You take such awesome pictures...I love this picture of Ella. She's beautiful. I hope she was feeling better this morning!

  4. awww..what a doll face.

  5. thanks everyone! she was feeling good enough to go today. ill post about it tomorrow.

    Anon: yes, people have told me she looks like Reese. i think it's cool!


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