Art Everywhere: Rainbow Beehive in Central Park

 We bought this box of extra bright chalk from Target for $3.99 and headed to Central Park to create something beautiful. We stopped on the sidewalk that surrounds the Great Lawn. It was Ella's spontaneous/brilliant idea to start coloring in all the hexagons on the sidewalk. If anyone wants to color the entire sidewalk surrounding The Great Lawn, count us in. One rule: Ella gets the credit, unless it's somehow against the law or already been done before.

See the rain drops? It started raining soon after we started, so Ella quickly turned our creation into a rainbow volcano spewing rainbow lava (of course.)


  1. Beautiful! Great work, Ella!

  2. this takes me back to when there was a side walk drawing, it was so pretty! it's amazing what they can do!

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  3. So cool! I bet it's still bringing smiles to people as they walk by.

  4. Just Loved it. Beautiful


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