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When I went to the Empire State building on Monday, I fell in love with the art deco. All the sunbursts make me happy. I was excited to discover that there is a premade art deco-ish blog on Designer Blogs. I've used this company twice and it's been a pleasure each time. Some blog designs are as cheap as 10 bucks! I highly recommend them. Hope you like the new blog layout. But don't get too attached. I like to change it every few months! Thanks Designer Blogs.


  1. I've been living in NYC for four years, and have never done the Empire State Building! I think I'm going to try to remedy this over the weekend :)

  2. Love the new layout. I've been meaning to check out blogger templates to try and fix my blog. Thanks for doing the work for me!!

  3. Love the new layout. Wow, look at all your followers! Could you pick a new blog design for me? $10 sounds about right.

  4. julie: if you go to the ESB, i'll read that edith wharton book u recommend :)

    paul: i feel validated by your comments. always

    corinne: haha ur welcome

    betsy: your blog might be more expensive with all your fancy/fabulous tabs. contact them--see what they can make for u!

  5. Edith Wharton is soooooo depressing - have fun with that! I hope it's not the one with the sledding incident (Ethan Frome?).

    Or just watch House of Mirth - another real pick-me-up!

    I'll ask about the blog design. Maybe I should just get a real banner - I keep meaning to design one myself, since I do have Illustrator and such.

  6. My favourite era ever.


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