5 Best Last Minute Father's Day gifts

Rob, his dad, and the boys.
A Father's Day post as promised here and mostly because of this disaster. I bought Rob a tie for traditions sake. That's what I'll give him. However, I wanted the presents from the kids to be a little more fun. Kids don't care about ties but they might get excited about: 

1. Paint! Remember this post? Rob wants to paint that door at the end of the hallway. I'll make it happen this weekend month. To get the kids involved, I'll give them three choices of vibrant paint colors. I'll buy their favorite.

2. PencilsI bought a hundred from Target a week ago. The classic yellow ones. Who knows where they all disappeared to?  I suggest buying 200 because they will be gone like all useful things (nail clippers, scissors, socks, etc). Have the kids sharpen all of them.  We have whats left of the pencils in the entryway for last minute notes. Include a pad of paper with drawings from the kids inside. And maybe a note. If you want to get fancy, you could get him these via martha stewart.

3. Water Balloons! Have the kids fill them up while he watches the ball game. When it's over, have a water balloon fight.

4. Favorite drinks! Have the frig stocked when he wakes up Sunday morning. This gift will be from Owen because he adores root beer just like my husband. The other night we went to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. All Owen ordered was a root beer. He's so silly.

5. Print pictures of him and the kids! Have the children wallpaper the house with pictures of Dad. Or get a few blown up huge at Kinkos like this. Or just stick a few on the fridge with magnets. Or tape. Or used gum.

That's all. Most of these presents were purchased at CVS. While I was there, I got a king size version of his favorite candy and some vanilla ice cream to make Root beer floats. The kids also wanted to buy him bubbles. I said yes. They also suggested I get him a Pillow Pet. The friendly frog! Take a wild guess what my answer was to that.

Hope you have a great weekend. I'm so lucky that my father and step-mom are flying in to visit us. I'm so excited to spend Father's day with my dad!!


  1. Aww man, you should've bought the friendly frog pillow pet!! It would look SO nicely next to your bunny one that Emily is going to give you. haha :)

  2. Those are the most touching photos! I love them!

  3. Happy Father's Day, Rob! Enjoy the pencils!


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