simple day

 Look! I pushed my kids on the swings today. Mom of the Year with selfish motives!  Once I realized I could experiment with different angles and settings on my camera, it made it more fun for me. I pushed the boys 5 times and then took 5 pictures. Everyone was entertained.  Especially Oscar. He made it his mission to kick me in the face. Such a sweet boy. 
Do your kids enjoy kicking you in the face? Is that the outfit that Owen wore yesterday? Why, yes it is. Are those hand-me-down pink flip flops with cherries on it? Yes, they are. 
Do I deserve to be kicked in the face over it? Maybe. 


  1. Ok where is the action shots?
    *foot hitting face/camera*
    *pic of the sky from you laying on the ground*



  2. oh wow Mike. I never knew you wanted to see me get kicked in the face so badly! What did I ever do to you?!?!!? ha

  3. My kids where the same thing 3-5 days in a row if possible. Is there something wrong with that?

  4. hahaha! I love your outlook on life with kids!
    Thank you :)
    Your newest follower, Megan


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